Dating After Baby

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h - October 8

I feel like no one will want to be with me. does anyone have experience?


I know how you feel - October 9

I don't have any experience in dating with a child, because my son hasn't been born yet (I'm due Dec 29, 2005). But I do understand how you feel. I feel the same way sometime, especially when I think about the changes my body is going through (gaining weight, stretchmarks etc.). Although I know I won't have all the options I had before I got pregnant, it will be worth it in the end. It will take a very special man to not only be with me but to love my son as well. But the bottom line is a real man will respect a single mom and see it as an a__set, not a complication. My advise to you is to let your child be your guide. children can be a better judge of character than adults sometime, and I'm sure you won't be with any man that doesn't appreciate your child. So when you do find someone that does, use that as a reason to stay around. It may take a little more time than it used to but the man will be worth the wait. You sound like your a little down on yourself, and I can relate to that too. Things will get better, but until then you have to remember that your about to take on the most important job in the world, and considering the changes your body is going through, you should feel beautiful. I believe all pregnant women are beautiful. I'm sure your no different.


Ashlie - October 9

Hey I can tell you I was 18 when I had my first son and I was with his dad for 2 1/2 years and we decided that staying friends would be best because we just werent making it as a "couple" and til this day we are still best friends and our son is going to be 2yrs old. And I am now pregnant with my 2nd little boy but from a different man whom I met 15 months ago and im soo glad I did because he has become the man of my dreams and we plan on getting married sometime in the future. You just have to be confident and realise that if a man cant except that you have a baby, then he doesnt deserve you, because its not like your baby is going anywhere. I would just say that if you are going to date, keep your dating life away from your child so that they dont have to deal with a bunch of different men in their life, I waited to let my boyfriend meet my son and now they love each other. Plus having a child is a good way to sort through all the losers, you know a real, matture man will stick around and get to know you for you wheather you have a baby or not. Good luck - it is possible :)


beatriz - October 9

i do not think i would want another man. i am afraid to hurt my baby. they understand everything. what if stepdad is mean?


Mia Celeste - October 10

I am 9 months pregnant and due in two weeks, me and my boyfriend have only been together for 6 months... he's not the father (duh!) and even knew I was almost 3 months pregnant before we got together, but he says "I can't help that I love you and now I can't help falling in love with the idea of having a family with you". I just about melted but was always scared to trust him till I finally realized he has LOVED me (maybe just as a friend) since before any of the drama with my ex and the babys father. There is romantic LOVE after BABY! TRUST me, guys can't help who they fall in love with (baggage and all)


Skye - October 11

Right now, that is actually the last thing on my mind but it is still there. I hope to be lucky and find a father for my unborn son, but if I dont, than its okay. he's got a couple of great uncles that he can learn from. And since my bad taste in men has gotten me in this situation in the first place, Im gonna be looking at it as who is good enough for me and my son. Because hes my gift, and i wont be able to just share him with anyone.


Ashlie - October 11

Skye - I would suggest that when your looking for a man, try not to be looking for " a daddy " that often drives men away. You should allow them to meet your baby, any man would want to be with you no matter what, but becoming a father is a good reason to stay away from single moms, so if you are able to support yourself and your baby and they realise that then they wont be as scared to settle in and slowly become a father figure to your baby. :)


Mia Celeste - October 11

Ashlie def. made a good point, don't be looking for "a daddy" just let the "love bug" bite at it's own time :)


April - October 20

Lets put it this way... I have a daughter that is 3 months old... last weekend I had 2 guys fighting over me... so don't worry... the good ones don't care if you have a kid... it's just God's little way of helping you weed out the bad ones. Thank God for babies!!!! :)


Aaishah - October 24

Trust me will find a man. I had three kids before this one and I never had a lack of men wanting to date me..even now..Im like not wanting to date and they are killin me with asking me to come out with em


MICHELLE05 - July 30

well guess what i had my gorgeous baby girl on jan 2006 and i recently left her father because he was never home and i had a feeling he was cheating... anyways don't worry about it you will find someone that does not care if you have a baby or not take it from experience i talk to this guy that is really nice and has a great job and he knows that i have a baby and he does not mind all i could tell you is never deny your child it's not worth it... if a man is interested in you he going to take you as the way you are and what comes with you......



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