Desperately Fighting The Urge To Call Need Advice

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Rose S - September 27

Hi everyone!! I am 27 weeks pregnant and my baby's father left me about 5 weeks ago. I came home from work and found all of his things gone. No explanation, no note, no phone call, nothing..... I am a VERY stubborn person and though I am fighting the urge to call him every single day, I have not done it yet. I have picked up the phone a bazillion times, but have not yet dialed the number. He has not called me either and I have not heard one little peep out of him since he left. I hear that he has moved back in with his ex, but don't know if it is true or not. I want to call so bad and say "hey, don't you think we might need to talk?" We were together for a year before I got pregnant. It's not like this was a new relationship or anything. I need advice....Should I call????? He has been occupying my every waking AND sleeping thought. Part of the reason I have not called is that I want him to be the one to call and I keep thinking that if I don't, he will eventually...and the other part of the reason why I don't call is I am afraid of what his reaction will be. I don't know if he will hang up the phone in my face, or what???? Help!! I am in h__l!!!


2 cents - September 27

Rose, i think you should pick up that phone and call him. You are pregnant and you deserve an explanation for why he left. Dont let him make you feel like its all your fault he left because it takes two to have a relationship and two to break it up. If he feels you and him cant work things out then either be single or find someone who will love you and your package deal. I did. My daughter calls my husband daddy. I was once in your situation but a little differently. A note was left in my situation. I had 2 weeks before my child was due and i came home to a note saying he wasnt ready to be attached to anyone, let alone a child and that he thought it would be best for us to just not talk anymore. Im now recieving half his paycheck and all of a sudden he wants to talk again. But anyways, there are guys out there that would love to take on a baby and his or her mother.


dont call him!!! - September 27

call a lawyer!!! make him think you really dont care. he is waiting for your call, he is a coward for running out, Maybe you should go to counciling and be prepared to have this baby on your own, It will make you feel way better and give you peace of mind....... call a lawyer I amsure you can get one through social services for free,, thats why you go to a counciler they tell you all this stuff, each area is different., get the lawyer to give him give him an address to send the checks too, you where together for more then 6 months you have the rights to half of what he owns as well.. comin law....and ask him to sign over his legal rights to the baby, SOB, dosnt desearve the honor of being a father......J


No !! dont call - September 27

dont do it honey,, you need to concentrate on your health,, for your baby as well, If he hangs up on you its just going to break your heart..Again,, If anything you call his parents and sask what kind of son they raised, if they want anything to do with there grandchild they better talk to him asap.. you need postive counciling not negative,, to me he is deffinatly not the person to talk too, b___d.....................:(


New2Motherhood - September 27

Don't call! It is the hardest thing to do, I know. But when you call the chance of the conversation going how you want it to is slim to none inturn leaving you feeling worse than you do now. The only thing worse than no explanation is the one that you don't want to hear. He should be chasing you and thanking his lucky stars he has a girl like you and if he isn't he doesn't deserve to be in you or your babies life!!! Take care sweetie


Leona - September 27

dont call!! he is waiting for you to will just make him feel like you are chasing him...let him know that you are strong and you can do it by yourself.. you dont need garbage like him..the fact that he would do something like this while your pregnant just shows you who he is..a heatless a** dont need an explaination from him because he wont give you a good to hell with him!! you'll end up feeling worse then you do now...just pick your head up and go on with your life and take care of your baby because no one else will.....BE STRONG!!!!


Trin - September 28

Leona, you are great, i have picked one of your sentences to encourage me, " we do not need such garbage of men" i have been struggling with the same urge to call the father of my baby, but from today i vow not to even dare, thank you, i will always tell myself i dont need such garbage of a man!!!!! yahoooooooooooo great!



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