Do I Legally Have To Give My Baby His Father S Last Name

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GATA - November 3

I want to have a baby with insemination, I am married but my husband and I will divorce in a year. If I get birth before we divorced, do I have to put my husband's name on the birth certificated of my baby?


Marguerite - August 20

I had a child with a man that lied to me the whole time I was pregnant and the whole time that we were together about being married. Now I have a son and I want to remove his last name from him because I don't see any reason for my son to have "their" last name. I was awarded rpimary custody in court and this child will be growing up under my roof. Why make his life confusing and leave him suiject to questions when he is old that he may not want to have to answer about his jerk-off father who was a cheat.


springbaby - August 20

I cant remember when I first responded to this post but Im guessing it was 2007. Its been 3 years since I had my son and let me tell you, deciding to give my son my last name was the BEST decision I ever made. My suggestion is that if you are not married to the father when the child is born, dont give your child his last name.


lorilenore - August 22

In most states if you aren't married you can't put the father's name on the birth certificate unless he signs off on it. You can actually name your baby whatever you want. You can give him a totally different last name if you want - not even your own. The father can sign off at the hospital or request this thru the court. This is done to many many cases of fraud. The father can however sue to have his custody established and request to have the baby's last name changed. Doesn't mean he gets the name changed, but in most cases I imagaine once DNA was established, if he pays child support and wants to be involved in the childs life he would probably get his way.


Grgster - December 22

....a little advice....Maybe had you not gotten pregnant by a dead beat in the first place none of this would be an issue. Unfortunatley, it's the child who loses.


Grgster - December 22

....maybe if all the women in here didn't get pregnant by dead beats in the first place none of this would be an issue. Unfortunatly it's the child who loses when the parents act like "kids"


momontheloose - July 18

I think it's sad that a mother thinks that a baby she made with a man, yes it does take a man, is HER BABY all of a sudden. (when the father, a good man, wants to be involved and offers help financialy and emotionally) Just because the baby came out of your belly doesn't mean you OWN the child, the man doesn't OWN YOU OR THE CHILD, the child is both of yours. You SHARE the child and do what is best for that child. Women are so selfish to think that the child is THEIRS or BELONGS to ONLY them and not the father. (esp. when the father HAS to PAY child support even without the same rights as moms) I'm a mother of five children and have been married to a wonderful man for almost 20 years, my son is 20 and is having a baby with his estranged girlfriend and she would like him, my son, to have NOTHING to do with THEIR child. Sad, sad day when a women can decide to keep a child from his/her father!


epicjess1 - November 1

i am sorry for posting on this so late but what the women say on here is complete bs as you all seem to think that the father has to marry you for child to have his surname which is hypocritical and controling not wonder men do not want to be fathers if this is what they get and i do hope the law changes so you only get child support if you were married to the father as that would be fair you see cuz if he needs to marry you so his child has his surname then you need to marry him to get child support but in this world women just want it their way


Ninjaynnear - August 29

it's just so sad to hear that some guys dont take responsible for what they did. 



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