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Ally - February 20

Hi, I'm single since the day i found out i was pregnant and said i was going to keep it, i am now about 12 week and am heading to my first scan. Whats it like on the first scan, do the doctors treat you differently for being single? did you take anyone with you? friend or family? I'm really worried i'm going to get terrible looks, I was thinking about lying if they asked where the father was, and saying he was at work or something. how did you handle these situations?


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

I dont think they will look down upon you for being single and it would be great to have a family member or friend there for support. My first scan i had my bf and my brother there, it was fantastic. they never once asked me if i was with the father or with anyone. If you wanted to maybe bring a male friend with you and they would just a__sume he's the father. the first scan itself is amazing the measure how big the baby is and you get to see and hear the heartbeat and your little peanut bouncing around. take care!


mommybabyboy21 - February 20

For my first few exams my mom went with me but honestly my friends that had mates and all that went to appointment by themselves because their boyfriends husbands didn't want to go. They only went to the ultrasound visit. And most of the time when I go to the dr appointments most of the girls are sitting there by themselves. And I know all of them cant be single. I have had three OB, really long story and only the second one made me feel bad about not having the abortion that my ex wanted but my second ob was also a b___h she told me my son was 12 weeks I am now 24 weeks and let me say my son is healthy. No one will give you any looks because no one will know most are alone anyways. because their husband...boyfriends are probalby at work. The only exam I really hated doing why my mom took the day off to be with me was the 20 week one where I found out what I was having. Congrats on the baby and good for you for keeping your child. :-)



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