Does Father Have To Pay For Prenatal Costs

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jo - May 5

my ex does wants me to have an abortion. i'm 12 weeks pregnant and will not abort the baby. i'm on a c__ppy state program in which i don't have to pay for any of the prenatal costs, tests or delivery of the baby. my question is: can i make the father pay for half of any costs that the state will not pay for? i live in colorado....thanks in advance


??? - May 6

Each state does vary, however in many cases he can be responsible for uncovered maternity expenses, all birth expenses ... he can be made to carry insurance, half of any uncovered medical.... As for the maternity in my state the catch is you have to keep all the medical bills and the courts can not make him pay them until it has been determined he is the father of the unborn child (DNA), unless you were married at time of conception regardless if he says he is the father or not. Check with local programs if money is an immediate issue, start with planned parenthood and see if there are any organizations that a__sist in situations like yours until you can obtain legal help from the father. Again if you were married he is responsible, contact an attorney or check with your local Juv. court system. I don't your full situation so I hope this information is helpful. Good luck and keep your health at peace.


jo - May 6

thanks for your reply. it's my ex boyfriend. as mentioned above, i'm on a state program and the prenatal care i'm receiving is not very good. he makes at least 75 grand a year and has good medical coverage. i just want him to pay for any extra medical costs that my program will not cover. i a__sumed that i would be responsible for any medical bills while pregnant and during delivery and he would have to help pay half when the baby was actually born.


??? - May 7

Talk to attorneys and ask questions (leave out the fact that you are on state a__sisitance). It cost nothing to gain knowledge and learn your rights, it is a free phone call. Ask what you are ent_tled to: all maternity expenses, all cost incident to birth, retro child support, medical, dental, vision, atorney fees, court cost, dna cost... It is the states position to protect the state, an attorney protects you and your child meaning the state will a__sist you with medical coverage and monthly child support to keep you off state programs, but they don't generally take the time to make sure you get all that you can to provide. Depending on your financial status and his he can be made to be 100% responsible. Example: one month prior to having my son I made calls to the court system and then attorneys. The court said, we can a__sist you with medical for your child and monthly support once you have a live birth and you can get a court date 3 months to a year depending on how backed up the system is. I called an attorney one month prior to giving birth, based on my due date I had a court date 1 week after giving birth to my son. When my son was 1 week old I went to court had a dna done that day by Juv. Court because my attorney explained that there was not any coverage for the baby immediate action was needed. We were back in court 3 weeks later to get the DNA test, he had to pay all the above I mentioned including all my attorney fees, plus he was only one month behind. So I did not suffer the burden on my own due to advance thinking and being prepared. Ask any and all questions, get what you can off the top for your child to have the best life possible, it is better to do it right the first time in court than to have go back and fourth. In the meantime if healthcare is a big issue, check to see if there is a program that helps unwed uninsured expecting mothers to get proper care and a__sistance. Go to read the Fathers guide and read child support services, it may or may not help you. Also go to or search for Colorado State Judicial Branch and go the site the have an online worksheet for establishing childsupport, once on the site in their search type child support worksheets. Fill out the worksheet on current information, example line 5 he sees the baby 0 days. Best of luck to you and your baby.



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