Does He Even Love Me

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Nattie - January 1

Hi......I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I do everything alone. I have a boyfriend, but he never helps me do anything. I'm constantly cleaning after him, taking care of his dog, and just about everything else in between! Not to mention that I have gestational diabetes and my baby is breech. I'm having such a hard time with this pregnancy. I try talking to him, but he just tells me that's it's my hormones because I'm pregnant or that I should leave him alone because he's watching football. I don't know what to do because I have such am unresponsive


S - January 1

hi....If I were you I would stop picking up after him and just let him be right now. You need to take care of yourself! Think about yourself and as hard as it may be try to ignore him and put yourself in a place,mentally,where he can't bother you. I know its easier said than done but you are now 35 weeks and it is probably not the best time to make any drastic changes.As far as him loving you, he probably does,or else he wouldn't still be there, even if he is just watching football all the time. But, that doesnt excuse him for being so insensitive and a down right jerk really. If you lay low for a while with him and do the opposite of what he is used to he may very well respond to that and notice that change. If not, give it time, for now you need to think of yourself and your baby. I hope you get through this okay and that it all works out for you. Oh and one last thing, stop taking care of his dog. If he thinks your hormones are the problem, throw that back at him and tell him you just can't look after his dog because your hormones won't allow it. It may even give you a silent chuckle to yourself watching him have to actually do something for himself.


S - January 4

Hi Nattie,firstly happy new year to you. Gosh,I'm really sorry that it is so difficult for you and that he is such a jerk.(Sorry , but he sounds like one ). You are in such a tough situation...Do you know what you want to do? Do you have family and/or friends around who can be supportive and helpful? I honestly don't know what to say..all i know is it is hard enough having to deal with daily things in life and an unsupportive,mean partner can make life so miserable. I hope you are okay though.Sounds to me like he is having his cake and eating it too. He has you right where he wants you and on top of it says horrible things that would make any woman feel low and miserable.How have you managed to cope with it uptil now?



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