Dont Nknow What To Do Anymore

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Becka - December 22

I'm 18 weeks pregnant, me and my boyfriend been together 2 years next month and just doesn't seem to care that i'm pregnant. He already has a child with someone else and she is going mental about me being pregnant. I no there is nothing much she can do but I always think that he is going to choose his first child over this one.We have been arguing so much lately don't think i can handle it no more. I love him so much and want to spend the rest if of my life with him, but i'm not happy at all. I do everything for him, i pay his bills, clean up after him, put his washing in etc you would think i was his mother and i don't even live with him but get nothing in return and it hurts so much. I have no brothers or sisters and don't really want to talk to my family about it, but i don't no what to do. Do i leave him and concentrate on me and this baby or stay with him and try and sort things out. He is the type of lad that to talk to him you have to pick the right time, but if i do talk to him what do i say? I suppose i am scared to be with out him, he talks to me like shit when we argue its always me that has to say sorry even if i have not started the argument, i'm always the bad one i always do something wrong in his eyes. I really need some advice because if i don't i think i will take all the pain for the rest of my life. The day i was going for my first ever scan, i rang him to get him up and there was no answer, so i went up and woke him up. He was still drunk off the night before and didn't even bother coming for my scan with me. we argued once before and he said that the baby i'm carrying is not even his, that broke my heart into little bits but i still go back to him no matter how much pain he puts me through and all the words he says. Please i need someone to point me in the right direction for me and my baby. My family are always there for me but i feel scared to tell them how much pain im going through, just like i'm scared of leaving my boyfriend, but i have to do the best for my baby. please let me know what you think i should do.


strength101 - December 22

please read some the post from the following and see if those help you: View Existing Questions and Answers: Topics: Last Posts: pregnant mistress (hate to admit it) 12/22/04, 0:07 what advice can you tell me about my situation 12/21/04, 21:17 Should I tell the father he's going to be a father? 12/21/04, 20:39 what to do 12/21/04, 12:07 Very confused and not knowing what to do 12/21/04, 10:31 Pregnant From An Affair 12/20/04, 9:25 After you read through them, let us know how you feel and what you think.


Anon - December 22

I hate it when women feel like they HAVE to stay with a guy because they love him, or because they are pregnant with their child. If he is treating you unkind, and you are pregnant and he doesnt care, or doesnt want to be involved....leave him. You and that little baby do not need him. Hell you are paying his bills, when you tell him that you are fed up with his c___p, I am almost postive he will say oh no stay I love you blah blah....because you do everything for him, and he doesnt want to lose that. I know a few guys who keep a girl around just for that they dont have to do anything themselves. Honestly he sounds like a loser. I am sorry if this hurts you, But you dont need that, and neither does that baby.


strength101 - December 22

I agree with Anon, but I wanted you to read some the post. What does this individual bring to the relationship? What does he offer? How does he make you feel as a woman? If your having to think about these questions then he must not be bringing much & if your first thought is negative... 1+1=2. Being alone during pregnancy is difficult, but laying next to a person who is there but not really there is the same as being alone. You should never buy love.



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