Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

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Helen - February 3

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I only just found out. Before then I was binge drinking all the time! I'm worried about my unborn child now. What can I do to help things?!


tara - February 3

You shouldn't worry about what has already been done. There is nothing you can do anout that. But obviously just don't drink any more. My Dr. sad your body has a way of protecting the baby while you are unaware that you are pregnant...but I was only 5 weeks at the time. I don't know about 16 weeks. The best thing to do rightnow is stay away from alcohol right now, take prenatal vitamins, take your folic acid and eat well.


Jen - February 7

You can't start over so I would just stop drinking now and hope for the best. FAS is not good but some babies are stonger then others there's nothing you can do now. Some babies turn out fine...just stop drinking from this point on.


Audrey - February 25

You "just found out" at 16 weeks? Have you been feeling any pregnancy symptoms? I suggest you see a doctor right away, and start taking folic acid tablets. You definitely need to lay off the alcohol, for your own health as well as the baby's.


Rebecca - February 28

You shouldn't have to worry, Just stay away from the alcohol now that u know that you're pregnant!!!


22yr old - March 4

im not sure if im pregnant yet,still waiting for positive test or period but have been invited out for a drink with cousins and im worried that drinking some alcohol will harm baby if i do turn out to be pregnant.


Audrey - March 4

22yr old- It's recommended to not touch alcohol at all while pregnant, so if you suspect that you are, don't drink anything. Best wishes!


Krysta - March 4

There is alot of information about the early effects of alcohol available if you want to find it. I think most of what you will find will tell you that it is okay to let it go as long as you don't continue to drink after you find out. I am 23 and was quite the partier right up until I found out that I was 3 wks prego. All my books and my doc have agreed that the drinking probably did not harm the baby, and now I am 20 wks preg, and my ultrasound shows everything perfectly normal with my little girl. Have faith, and do the right thing from now on.


Joy - March 8

Speaking from the viewpoint of a recovering alcoholic, no words of advise or condemnation, nor words of common sense on what is/isn't healthy is going to persuade someone who has an alcoholic mind. If you aren't an alcoholic or have never educated yourself on the addictive mind, you aren't going to understand what I'm talking about. Alcoholism is a disease and I suspect Helen knows this already and that there is help out there when and if she decides she has had enough. Most people don't initially turn to AA to stop drinking. They go there to stop hurting -- and alas, discover that their uncontrollable drinking is a big source of what is causing them so much pain. Anyway, some folks have to reach a low bottom before they can begin a program of recovery. Its a progressive disease and there is no glimmer of hope that Helen's life will get any better unless she reaches out for the help she needs. She can't "just stop" by herself just because everyone is screaming at her to do so. Sadly, alcoholism doesn't just impact the alcoholic. It's coined as a "family disease" -- and in Helen's case, her drinking is literally destroying her life and that of her own child. I just hope Helen finds her way into AA or a rehab center somewhere before her baby, and eventually herself dies from this disease!


Luc - March 14

What r u going on about brandy?! the poor girl didnt no she was pregnant. Helen, just make sure u eat well and dont drink anymore alcohol. Try not to stress anymore about it as it wont do u or the baby any good. Hopefully everything will be ok


brandi - March 15

stop drinking thats all u can do just try to do every thing healthy now


happ - March 22

go to the docotar and see wat they say


the kfkdfkdlfg - March 22

stop drinking now and go to the docotor and how it gose


the kfkdfkdlfg - March 22

stop drinking now and go to the docotor and how it gose it will hopefully be fine


Krystle - March 24

STOP DRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


T - March 24

you can research now, and even if your bchild (worse case scenario) does have some form of FAE, there is tons of ways you can teach him/her to learn things a bit differently and tools you can use-theres no reason why your baby cant be fully productive and capable, just might have to learn a new way to do it!! and thats worse case scenario.......


emma - March 26

it really worries me that so many people write such stupid answers to questions on these websites. drinking in small amounts is ok for a pregnant mum. so please stop writing silly emails to frighten girls who are seeking advice.



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