DUDE Has She Cheated

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Dude - March 7

My fiancee' just came up to me 3 days ago, and said she was pregnant. I am still a virgin and she told me that she was. I got her to take the test, and sure enough she's pregnant. I asked her whom she was cheating on me with, and she said "I'm sorry that you think I am cheating on you, but I am not" We started talking about it with an occaisonal yell. It turns out that she went off and got some strangers sperm placed in her to get pregnant. I asked her why in the world would she do that, and when we were going to be married in a month, and start a family in a year or so. All she said was "I just really wanted a baby, and I was afraid to ask you, plus your sister said you were unable to have children." I have no clue where that came in and why but I just don't know what to do now. I feel like she cheated because of this, and I don't know if it is even considered cheating or not. I have been thinking about breaking it off, but I don't want to leave the women I love, even if that baby is someone elses. Please help me out here...thanks.


tex - March 7

yes she has cheated -- run forest run


? - March 7

RUN FOREST RUN!!!! I agree she has cheated.


Re: Dude - March 8

I can't really say, but it sounds like she's cheated. It's not very likely that she just had some guy's sperm put inside her any other way than s_x, especially if y'all were planning to get married soon. Even if by some insane chance what she is saying is true, she still made a life altering decision without you. Only you can decide whether either of those things is forgivable. I'm sorry you have to go through this. It's hard being hurt by someone you love so deeply. I speak from experience. I'm here if you ever need to chat. =)


Dude - March 8

I called the Dr. that she said she went to to get the procedure done, and they told me she HAD been in there, and that she was in fact pregnant from the artificial implantation. I also called the local lie detector specialist and set up an appointment for tomorow...I do love her, and I do have a suspician that she cheated, but I want to know the truth and I even wrote some QUs for the person who administers the test. One of them being has she ever cheated. Rebecca (my fiancee') agreed to taking the test so that I believe is a good sign....(so far) I will update you a.s.a.p. Thanks for all your advice.


To: Dude - March 8

No matter what she says don't believe it too much till you see the result of that lie detector test!


!!CHEATER!! - March 8

Even though she had told some truth in her story and you are getting a lie detector test done....I think she cheated and came up with some kinda story to hide it...she maybe could have gone to the Dr.s and asked them to help her with her lie....I dunno. but the best of luck Dude.


Audrey - March 8

Dude- I'd question your fiancee's motives if she went out and had artificial insemination without consulting you. If she loved you enough to agree to marry you, she shouldn't have been "too scared" to ask about having a child. You need to talk to your sister too, if she said that you could not have children- how on earth could she know something like that? And what business of hers was it to tell your fiancee? Best of luck!


Di - March 8

I'm sorry, but it sounds like your fiance is crazy! That is rediculous. You should view this as a warning of crazy things to come! Break it off or delay marriage for a while. I don't think anyone would accuse you to be out of line for doing so!!


Dudeq - March 8

I talked to my sister this morning. She said she was kidding around about that kinda thing but told Rebecca that she WAS kidding. So I dunno I guess she got confused a little on that. I have thought about delaying the wedding a week or so till things get straightend out, but I dunno If I am going to. Gotta go, Rebecca just got in and she is calling for me.... I will update asap. Thanks for all your advice.


Dude - March 8

I just realized I accidently typed a Q after my name in the name box...lol sorry I can't type sometimes.


Emma - March 8

Do u really want to spend the rest of ur life with someone who could do that. She didnt even consider ur feelings. U should leave her.


Dude - March 9

Well, the test was done. Rebecca lied only of one thing...and that was about something that happened a year or two ago that I already knew about. So far were going to stay together. We actually went to the Dr. after we got the test done to find out what to do about this baby. I do want children, but I dunno about this one....but she is my fiance' and I love her. She is pregnant now, though it's not mine....I will take care of it as mine. Thanks for all your support and advice on here.


Liza - March 9

it sounds like u r both mad.Sorry, dont mean to be rude at all.But what u r saying is absurd


tex - March 9

de nile isn't just a river in egypt---if u do believe her --my family owns a bridge in brooklyn, i c/ give u a good price on


Dude - March 10

To Tex, I do not really get your post first of all. To Liza I don't really understand why you said "what your saying is absurd" Do you mean about Rebecca doing what she did, or...? Please be more specific, thanks.


JLK - March 10




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