Due In 2 Weeks Daddy Left

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dani-elle19 - December 15

Well, i really need some advice please help me. so 1st off i've always been the type of girl i don't like to be alone. i have been in a relationship since i was 15. Then i was in an abusive physically relationship thath i was getting out of (he went to jail) and i met this guy jesse. That is where i'm at now. i met him he was romantic things were great. i slept with him (im not someone who sleeps around i have only slept with 2 guys him as 1) i am currently 8 1/2 months pregnant. in the beginning i had met him right after the abusive ex went to jail i was getting over that and i fell in love with him. he has a 4 year old and ex wife. he is 22. he told me he wasn't even wanting a relationship but he liked me so much he asked me out. then i got pregnant and he lost his job all sorts of drama so we lived with one of his friends for a while we got our own apartment and have had it for 6 months. he was so amazing in the beginning and at 2 months i started pushing him away. i think it was because i was getting really attached and because my ex i was really scared. i pushed him away for about 5 months and he kept trying then 1 day everything changed. the last two months i have been cryin tellin him want him to try again i'm sorry explained y i was pushing him away and that lets try please. well he kept saying he wanted a break wanted time apart. i thought and was praying things would change once the baby was born. well he moved out 1 week ago which made me move w/ my family. i cry myself to sleep every night i don't know what to do. he has no family out here and has court to finish taking care of and then in february he said he's moving home to montana for a while to get his life straightened out. he offered me to go until this last week he said its over between us. i'm scared and i can't seem to stop crying... i really really don't know what to do. about the baby i am stoked i have worked with kids all my life aspire to become a pediatrician and i can't wait to have her. its all i've been looking forward too.. she is a blessing to me already. PLEASE HELP ME... its like i feel numb, depressed i jsut want us to be together... and uh... *tears agian*


bellybubble - December 16

dani-elle19. Firstly babe I am really sorry about what you are going through! I dont really have much advise except just take this time to look after yourself and your baby and focus on that. Maybe this guy just needs some time to himself like he said to get his life sorted out. I really hope everything comes together for you.... keep us posted - and just think in in 2 weeks or so you get to meet your beautiful baby!!


Krissy25 - December 17

Ok hunny, time to dry your eyes and pull yourself together because you are going to have to be strong for your baby. You have told him how you feel and that you want to still be together and that is all you can do, if he doesn't want to be with you you can't change that but he does need to be responsible for this child. You need to talk to him and tell him you understand that being in a romantic relationship is not going to work out right now but he still needs to be responsible for this baby. He needs to at least give you financial support. I hope it all works out for you, good luck.



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