F I Impregnated Dr Jeckle

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captcrunch - December 1

So I meet this really nice gal on the internet. She is well put together with a fancy job and has her eggs in a row. I am a self employed guy, very spontaneous, but deep down have good character and am reliable. I was surprised that we started to hit it off, because we seemed like polar opposites- but you know how it goes. 5 weeks after meeting her, a switch flipped. She turns into selfish ice-princess. I am pretty sure she had typed up her profile on opposite day. Even her friends give her h__l over it. I decided that I didn't care to ever see her again. 2 days later she calls with the news. Looks like I knocked her up on week 4- then she apologizes for the cold blood that she was showing and blames the pregnancy. So, I give her a pass on the mood swings. So I have been as supportive as I guy can be. Not pushing her in either direction, she tells me that she is leaning toward terminating because she doesn't think she could afford it. I told her I would be supportive of any decision, although I told her that finances would not be the reason I would hold onto. Its been 5 weeks of knowing her- the real reason seems far more obvious. So, evidently, she changed her mind and it is game on barring birth defects, as she is 38 and really wants kids. So I tell her that I am on-board. Then the ice princess comes back, every time I see her, she is snotty toward me. She tells me that she feels like I have no opinions and essentially describes me as a tool now. Hell, I can kind of see it with regard to how I treat her- kissing her ample ass when I see it. But how is a guy supposed to just know how to treat a gal in her position? Ignoring her for a week didn't fix matters either, maybe made it worse. Truth is, I really don't want to see her at all unless I know that she will be pleasant- and I know better than that. Now she is hinting that she wants to be a murphy brown type. Even though I told her that I want to be as involved as possible in the pregnancy through raising our child. As a product of a single parent family, I am very much opposed to this idea. I am a bit of a road block to her plans. And get this: she is back on that silly dating site trolling for new suitors while carrying my child. It all makes me want to throw up. What kind of self respecting guy would date some gal knocked up with another man's child? and what the h__l is wrong in her head? Maybe she hasn't found one yet- maybe she has. Although I really enjoy her company when she is in a good mood, I would be perfectly happy to watch her sail into the sunset- if it wasn't for the fact that she is carrying my child. Writing this has been kind of therapeutic, but I am looking for advice from anyone who has experience overcoming this kind of situation. I am willing to do what it takes to make this work out well, but it seems that giving her attention does not work- as it turned me into a tool, but ignoring has not worked either. WTH do I do?? I just want a pleasant experience and she just goes out of her way to make it miserable. I get so damn angry with her- although I have not let her onto that fact. She is trying so hard to p___s me off- and she gets p___sed when I maintain a positive att_tude toward the whole thing. Just can't wait to meet the next tool that would be interested in her now. And, I have to dim the lights when looking in the mirror. Will the passage of time snap her out of this? She is wrapping up the first trimester, when will it change? Is there any hope for a happy ending? For a highly educated girl, she seems so damn insane!



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