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Kelly - December 21

I'm four months pregnant at the moment and i just want to know if i should encourage my babys father to be involved with the baby or just leave it be. The problem is I have to live next door to him which makes it harder for me. He used to be involved with the girl next door (she has a baby not his) but they broke up, we were always friends and ended up sleeping together a couple of times and of course i got pregnant. He was fine about it and said he wanted to be involved but hasn't, I've had a 7cm cyst on my overaies causing me pains plus I have had bleed ing on three different occasions but no support from him. I am feeling a little down at the moment cause he has moved back in next door to look after the neighbours baby while she works (they are not together, her choice) he cleans her house, goes to the shops for her and wont even help me a little. He actually comes to my house to borrow my mop so he can clean her floors! and belive it or not he has a girlfriend, I can't help but to feel sorry for her in this situation and wonder why she puts up with it. I'm intending to move as soon as my lease runs out but thats not until a month after the babys born. I just don't know how i got my self in this situation.


livdea - January 7

well, what a tricky situation darling! I suppose what I would do, is sit down and talk to this guy. Have a real open and honest conversation about how you are feeling and what you expect out of him if he is going to be involved. I would definitely think it over before you have your talk. Write down what you expect how you are feeling, emotionally, about him, about the pregnancy, about yourself, all your concerns and excitments. Write it all out, read it, think about how you want to say everything. Try to make it as nonthreatening, calm and relaxed situation as possible. If he decides that he doesn't want to have a talk with you, well then, give him your parents number (incase he changes his mind and wants to step up some time). If he does agree to talk then let it all out. And tell him what kind of support you would like to have from him and whatnot. He needs to be aware, unfortunately we can't make anyone do something they don't want to. My babys father has chosen to not be a part of this, it sucks but, what can I do? Other then be strong for my baby and have an understanding heart. Sounds hard and not always easy but...it's best to stay positive for you and the baby's sake. Good luck, I'm sure everything will work out.



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