Father Of Baby Does Drugs What Can Ido About It

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Laurie - August 17

I am far along, due in a couple months, the father and i are on bad, bad terms. I know he smokes weed, alot. About an oz. a day,also he'll take perk's and vicodin a couple times a week, it's causing him to be very distant, and have no feelings about our family, now that i'm not around to control it around our children, i fear alot of bad things, he smokes in the room right next to our 1st born, now i'm having another!!! He has a court ordered visitation and child support set up, but i am worried about the newborn being around that without me there to put him and all his friends in check. I want him to quit, but he won't on my behalf, i've tried. I dont want to take it to a judge and be labeled a rat by everyone. Does anyone know if there is a discreet way of going about it? I would love court ordered drug tests, i just don't want to be dragged into the middle.


- August 17

how old ur


meg - August 17

u can raise the baby on ur own, u dont want that kind of stuff around there child, u can also turn him in, drug can turn into alot of other stuff so becare full


laurie - August 18

i am turning 25 in the fall, he is 26.


candice - August 20

You should tell the judge if you think your childrens well being is in danger! What's more important your reputation or your kids safety? I would be a "rat" any time if I thought it was for my children!


R - August 20

You have every right in the world to be concerned about your kids being around that. Have you tried telling him to his face, and offering to be with him again should he give that up?


DAmn - August 22

an ounce a day, that is a lot of cash and mj for one person. he must have a great job if he can afford both child support and oz of pot a day. Why get pregnant by him again obviously you knew he smoked heavily?


Lisa - November 25

I know in the district they drug test almost everyone who goes through the court system. I wouldn't allow him to see his children unless he got off the drugs. And your child is getting second hand marijuana smoke from him?!! Hello! My dad was a drug dealer, smoked and did coke around my brother and I untill I was about 10. Both my brother and I had drug problems. Thinka bout that.


lauren - November 26

you dont need that around a baby, and for him to be smoking an oz a that means hes either in major debt or a dealer and those are two things you shouldnt be dealing with either.


April - November 26

Take it to the court. This shouldn't be about you not wanting to be labeled a rat, or not wanting to be dragged into the middle... this is about what's BEST for your CHILDREN. His visitation really should be supervised.. and there's really no discreet way to do it because no way is he going to quit because you think he should. Even if it's for the children. Addicts are addicts. GO FOR SUPERVISED VISITATION.


April - December 1

hahahahaha... I think it's soooo funny when the guy threatens to take a newborn baby... there's no judge in their right mind that would give a father sole custody of a newborn baby (unless the mother is unfit and the father is fit)


g - December 3

Well i am reading posts after i posted my question- moreless support and i want to wish all you luck. I feel our judges-law system whatever you want to call it does not care for the kids. We need to fight for our kids and fight for the laws to change. I agree about not wanting to be caught in the middle.Some so called fathers are no good to be around the kids.For my child i can say the hell with the money and keep my child safe! Just keep knowing how blessed we are with our little angels no matter who the father is! We are the lucky ones and got to keep trying to raise our kids to be the best they can be! Its hard but the more of us who fight for the rights of our kids maybe we can help them!For those who were able to get help for your kids congrats! But what if its nots just drugs or not drugs? What if its other things other than drugs-then what can we do?Good luck to all.


Jamie - December 5

Who cares if you are labeled a rat. I would rather be called a rat than a bad mother.


Sascha - December 5

I bet you could talk to your lawyer and the judge to order a drug test. Tell them you are afraid of the consequences of being a nark, so could they please do it discretely.



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