Father S Rights

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Scared - October 13

Just wondered how everyone feels about this.......How much say should a man have about what happens to his unborn child? I am pregnant (unplanned) and he says i must have an abortion, that i have no right to bring his unwanted child into the world. I really want this child but feel so guilty because he doesn't. He says he will stab me and my unborn child if i go through with the pregnancy as his life will be ruined


E - October 13

First of all, contact the police and file a complaint. He is threatning to harm if not kill you and the baby. Scary. ---- Second, File a restraining order against him to protect yourself and the baby. --- Third, He has no right, legal or nonlegal, to tell you what to do with the unborn baby. He may make a suggestion or a plea but that is as far as it goes. ---- Are you scared? Do you feel he would harm you if you go through with this pregnancy? Has he harmed you before? Please let us know. Sounds like you need some help with this.


Viv - October 13

Your child will not be unwanted. You want it. Guilt is the emotion we get when an accident has happened and our mind wants us to learn from it. You may be angry at him because he doesn't want the child. You are feeling guilty about the unplanned piece. His threats of violence are totally inappropriate. Come back and talk some more. Tell us what country you are in, how old you are, and what support you will have as a single mother?


2 Scared - October 14

He doesnt really have a say if he wants u to get an abortion but if he wanted you to keep it, he could summon u. but thats not the case...keep your baby and go on about your business..follow E's advice.


Daile - October 16

He has no right to tell you what do to with your baby. I would suggest staying away from him, even after the baby is born. A man that is willing to stab his unborn child is not a man you need to be in a relationship with.



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