Father Wants Baby Mother Can T Decide

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Rachel - April 3

I am 34 yrs old, and 8 weeks pregnant. I am employed, college graduated, and have never been married or have any other children. A year ago my boyfriend of 7 years left me for another girl, and I had to move back home with my mom and dad for financial, and emotional reasons. I have now been seeing my current boyfriend who is the father of the unborn baby for ONLY 4 months. I feel stupid for getting myself into this predicament, because I should have known better, s_x 101. When I told him I was pregnant, he surprised me by saying he wanted to keep it and make our relationship work. He even suggested that I move in with him, and that he would get a second job if need be. My problem is that I don't know if I'm ready for that major jump in the relationship, and the gigantic responsibility of a baby. It scares me to think of myself as a single parent if it does't work out. I know if I have this baby, it will dramatically change the course of my life, and I'm petrified that I will make the wrong decision. Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought I would be married, in love, and happy when I got the news I was pregnant. I don't what to do, but I have to decide fast. Any feedback welcomed and appreciated. Thanks


autum - April 3

well first off congrats on the pg, wanted or not. This man from your story sounds very responsibile. I think it is hard to find men like that. You do did the act and knew what could happen. Now it's happened and he isn't backing down or running away which i think says alot about someone. However, it is still a new relationship, so it is a hard decision. You have to think about everything. Are you just scared about it not working out in the long run? And by your story if that happens, you won't be "alone" he'll definatly be there to help you. I thought the same way, "old fashioned" but i got preg at 17 and am now a single mother. it's hard, but the joy of a child is the best medicine in the world. Having a baby scares everybody. Everyone married or not goes through all those feelings. But whether or not this guy is there or not, it's completly up to you. It your future aswell, and only you can look out for it. I am a firm believer that noone make the "wrong decision" everything happens for a reason. sometimes it's good things and sometimes it's bad, but thats what make you a smarter person you learn from everything. Maybe this was meant to be for you. Hope that helped alittle for you.



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