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Rachelle - February 23

My ex wants the baby to have his last name would that give him any legal rights or custody rights?


Audrey - February 23

Just giving the baby the father's last name doesn't ent_tle the father to anything. The best way to determine what sorts of rights you both have is to consult a lawyer.


kim - March 1

i would not do i i regret ginving my duaghter her father's last name


Ellie - March 1

Why don't you consider hyphenating the child's last name? My ex and I did that, and it worked for us. We were never married but his name is still on the birth certificate. Personally I couldn't bear the thought of my baby having only HIS last name when I didn't even want it, but I felt that my daughter was just as much his as she was mine. Good luck to you - let us know what you decide to do!


Christina - March 1

I had a hard decision when it came to the last name topic. I am split from my daughter's father and didn't like the thought of her having his last name, but I also hated my father and didn't want to give him the satisfaction of her having his last name. I finally decided to give her her father's last name only because I wanted it to be a daily reminder to her father that she is going to be forever wondering who her father is and why he didn't want to stick around!!


T - May 10

I am going through the same thing. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks


aisha - May 10

i was married to my kids father so they have his last name..i will give this baby the fathers last name because of that same reasoning. it would be wierd for this child to have my name when no one else has it.


April - May 10

As far as I know you can name your child whatever you want and I don't think that would give the father any rights, but if the father isn't going to be involved I would HIGHLY suggest you name the child after you. Simply because a lot of kids feel ackward if their name is different from the rest of their family. They feel left out. It doesn't sound like you want the father to be there. If paternity is established though (by a DNA test or putting his name on the birth certificate), you have no choice, the father will have legal and custody rights. He will also have to pay child support. (if you go through the courts that is) I believe he can sign over all of his paternity rights though if he wants to, and then he will have none (but will also not have to pay child support)


April - May 10

Christina.. you said " I finally decided to give her her father's last name only because I wanted it to be a daily reminder to her father that she is going to be forever wondering who her father is and why he didn't want to stick around!!" I just wanted to say that I thought that way at first (because I am really mad at the father) but then I realized that all that was going to do was hurt my child. I don't want her to have to sit there and wonder where her father is and why he abandoned her every time she hears her last name. The father isn't there.. he's not gonna care what she's thinking, if he did, he'd be there for her... so it's not really hurting the father that way... it's hurting the child. (not trying to make you feel bad or anything.. i just wanted to point that out for mothers-to-be with the same thoughts)


carla - May 24

when my baby was born i gave him my last name now i want to change it and give him his fathers last name how do i do that?


~S~ - May 24

I'm in Canada, so I'm not sure if it's the same elsewhere, but it's my understanding that if you decide not to have the fathers name on the birth certificate but later change your mind (for whatever reason) then you can add it without a problem, although it has to be done legally. I'm in the process of deciding this. My bf and I are going through a HUGE mess and I'm trying to decide what name is best on the B.C. My friends are telling me not to add his name, but a huge part of me wants our child to have his name. I don't know yet, I guess I'll have to talk this over with him.


Diana - June 7

I was wondering if NOT giving my baby his fathers last name will effect child support..


~S~ - June 7

^ thats another thing I'm wondering, but I don't think it should effect it. If there's any discrepensies, then the courts can easily request a paternity test. But this is only if the father denies that he's infact the father and refuses to pay child support. The thing with my situation is that, liek I said my bf and I are going through a mess with our relationship. I'm not positive that we'll be together after the baby is born. What I'm trying to decide is, should I or shouldn't give the baby his name?? A huge part of me wants to give the baby his name, he IS a wonderful father and I know he'll always be there for the child, BUT if we don't stay together and he decides to leave me for this girl that participated in creating our problem, then I'm going to have a problem with that. BY NO MEANS will I allow my child to be near this lady, not out of jealousy but because I feel she is completely unsafe, and I can see her being the type that would try to create a family with my baby and act like a mother and possibly try to get my baby to call her mom. I've basically said to my bf that he if chooses to have a life with her, so be it, but it means he's giving up a relationship with his child and that includes the child having his name. Ugh...such a prediciment


P - June 7

IMO I think the child should carry the last name of the custodial parent which, most often, is the mother. It makes things so much more comfortable for the child to not have to explain over and over again why their last name is different from their moms. It may not be an issue when these kids are older because so many kids are from single parent homes but you never know...


April - June 10

The child's last name will NOT affect child support. You can name your child whatever you want and dad will still have to pay.


Tammy - September 15

My best friend has been seperated from her husband for 2 yrs (they both want the devorce).She has met a new wonderful man and she is pregant now with his baby.Does she have to give the baby her husbands last name, that she is in the process of devorcing or can she give the baby her maiden name?


keisha - September 20

well i am pregnant by a guy i cant stand i have the same problem i dont want to give my child his last name even if he wants to have anything to do with the baby i dont care i am planing on giving it my last name its your choice do what you want to do



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