Feeling Alone Rejected And Scared

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Lisa - November 12

HI, I'm new to this site but am feeling what most of you are feeling. My story....I was with this guy for about four years off and on. In the process, I fell in love with him and his daughter and he with mine. We didn't plan on having another child but as the story goes, I am now 61/2 months pregnant. In the begining, he didn't want it, then he started showering me with attention. We told both of our children about thier upcommig brother on my birthday and they are excited beyond beleif. In october all h__l seem to break lose and now as of the 25th of october he hasn't spoken so much as two words to me. I don't know what to do or what to think. I am going to have my son be any means but can't help but be in love with this guy. I'm just confused and don't know what to think form one moment to the next. He can be the sweetest person in the world one minute and a total stranger the next. I do want to be with him as a family but just don't know.....Any advice?


lisa - November 12

hi..i feel just like you. and almost the same circ_mstance. He left me at 3 months pregnant. and decided he wanted to do drugs run the street and be homeless. He's 28 mind you..and he got locked up, he always wanted to change his life, but now hes in church and doing all this stuff in jail. i love him. but i dont want to hold my breath for him to prove that he'll change... i dont want to be a single parent. and i know first hand that single parenting fails more than works....so i am willing to give my baby up for adoption, because two parents are always better then one... but since you already have the idea of keeping the baby, just focus on your child..if he comes back he comes back...if he doesnt.. thne dont even waste your time.... you and your child will be the only ones that suffer if you try and hold on and he doesnt come back....


.... - December 17

Careful, Vanessa. This forum is set to be a safe avenue for single, pregnant women to express themselves. It's not a site to solicit babies to adopt. One person has already been lambasted for doing just that throughout this forum. Please keep this in mind when posting. And to Lisa, the original poster, I think the majority of us understand your position. I'm sure many of us have been there, self-included. But it's going to come down to the baby. That will be the bottom line. So, grieve him and allow yourself, too. Cry when you need to, scream when you need to, throw things if you need to! After a bit of this, you will start to get perspective on everything. Or when the baby comes, you'll figure it out really quick. You'll probably still love the father, but you'll realize you need to love yourself and the baby more.


Zapped - December 18

Vanessa's post got zapped 'coz there are some people in this forum trolling for babies.



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