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insulted - November 17

Im sorry but I really have to say I felt very insulted at keefersmom when she told me that I was only thinking of myself for not putting my baby for adoption. I clicked in the other post to and she was telling other girls to give up their babies too. And for her to say were not giving our baby a chance if we keep it. Im sorry but just because the father is stupid and doesnt want to stick around doesnt mean we should have to still go through these 9 months fall inlove with our baby just to give it up. I understand if you cant provide for the baby but all us single moms can as easily give our babies the love they need and they can grow up with a good life I know many single parents who have kids and their kids love them and Im sure are happy they werent given up so please dont go on telling everyone to give their babies up just because the father left. Its hard enough that the guys leave but to give up the one thing you care more for than anything in the world I dont think so


Ca__sandra - November 17

Wow, i cant believe someone is actually telling you and other girls to give up their babies just because the father left. Thats just wrong. My ex told me i was being selfish when i said i wanted to keep my baby. Thats when i realized that he was being the selfish one. So whoever is say that we should give our babies up for adoption, stop, and maybe talk to the girls who are thinking of getting abortions instead.


E - November 18

Yeah, I am sick of women on this forum telling others wht to do with their babies. Some people have the nerve. Maybe they should breed babies for other people and put their money where their mouth is!


bmorebabe - November 18

I just posted on two different threads my opinion about the comments made by keefersmom. There is no basis on fact that children are better off in a household with two parental units versus one and I challanged her to support this with the facts that I know do not exist. She is most likely not a child psycologist and has no idea I am one of the ones that she has told that I should give my baby up and I am very irratated about that I feel that I am a very good mother to now both of my daughters my one for over five years and my other since she was born a week ago her father left me and yes in turn he also left her but how is that my fault?!? Its not! And I disagree with the fact that she will not have a chance in life like any other child. We are not just thinking of ourselves because we kept our children as long as we know that they will be cared for and loved no matter what.



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