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vent - February 25

My husband and I are looking to adopt. You know I cannot tell you how many times I have been told you will find the right baby for your family. I can't help but wonder when. My child is growing up without a sibling. I was hoping to raise my children together. Maybe the right baby for me is in an abortion clinic right now being aborted because someone chose to play God instead of doing what they knew in their heart was right. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but after a while I get tired of all the people on here whining about how their infedelity got them into a bind and now they are going to abort. The ones who really bug me are the one sleeping with married men and then killing innocent lives to protect the cheating liar of a husband. Or so that they do not have to ruin their life with a child. They should have thought about that before committing adultry. I am sorry for being so blunt, but I am fed up. If they were selfish enough to sleep with a married man then they should be unselfish enough to adopt the baby out rather than abort. It is not the babies fault.


% - February 25

40,000 babies are aborted in the USA EVERYDAY. 120,000 babies are aborted world wide EVERYDAY.


Audrey - February 25

To %- Perhaps so, but how many more thousands of children worldwide die from starvation, abuse, neglect, and disease? In China, thousands of baby girls "disappear" every year because the culture demands that a boy is given priority. Access to abortion does help, but people really need to educate themselves better and not have children when they know they can't support them adequately.


vent - February 26

People should not have children when they know they can't support them? WHAT? That is the point of this post. People murdering children because they do not want them. That is what adoption is for. There are plenty of people to adopt unwanted babies. There is no need to abort 40,000 babies a day. Abortion is a selfish choice for a selfish act. I mean sure there are circ_mstances where abortion may be best for health reasons and such, but for people to go around spreading their legs knowing what could happen and with married men I might add it is not fair to all of those babies who are needlessly murdered. And there are people who have been waiting years to adopt and in one day they are denied the right to adopt a baby 40,000 times.


Re: Audrey - February 26

Now chew that up and swallow.


Audrey - March 1

To vent- What I meant was that women who know that they are unable to support a child should not get pregnant in the first place. Accidents and errors in judgment do happen, unfortunately. Would you force a woman to bear a child, even if adoption was a possibility? Should a woman have a child that she knows she doesn't want, subjecting herself to the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy and then having to give the baby away at the end of it? These are hard questions for a lot of people. I know I won't change your opinion on the issue so I'll just leave it at that.


RE:AUDREY - March 1

Abortion also causes physical and emotional stress on a woman. Abortion stress can last a lifetime. A lot of adoptees have said how greatful they were to be adopted. But I do not recall ever hearing an aborted child say how greatful they are that their mother aborted them. Adoption is not about the bmom so much it is about the child whose fate lies in her hands. I think that women who choose adoption should have more support. So many people support pregnant women on abortion. Many women are afraid of adoption because they are afraid of being looked down on. Abortion is the easy way out for a lot of them. But if they really stop to think about what they are doing to the baby they would definitely reconsider their choices. So many people argue abortion because they can't face the truth. Women need to know the truth www.mttu/abort-pics/


IT CALLED.............. - March 1

These women who abort there babies because they don't want them, or it was not planned, or some other EXCUSE......they should have thought about and used the little thing most people call BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!! Just a note to those who had aborted....If you felt/feel happy or releaved now that you aborted....why did you have s_x IN THE FIRST PLACE??? God did not put that little gift in you for you to run off and throw it away!!! I feel sorry for all those little ones who lost their lives before they were really living! PLEASE if you get pregnant/are pregnant and are thinking about abortion....go through with the pregnancy and put the little one up for adoption there is someone out there willing to love and care for it!


Renae - March 3

There are a lot of people who are waiting for a baby. I agree that abortion cheats a lot of families out of the chance to adopt a baby.


Randy - March 4

There are thousands of babies out there worldwide up for adoption. I'm sorry if they're not perfect blonde hair and blue eyed babies but they're waiting for a mommy and daddy. I'm not playing baby factory for someone I don't know because I made a mistake/got raped/birth control failed etc. If you really want a baby it won't matter where it comes from. And I believe the stats for China are ONE MILLION girls disapearing every year. Russia isn't far off. They have carts that collect the bodies every spring thaw. Wow, sure am glad they kept those babies, what a great life they have.


Jae - March 4

Amen Randy........ there are millions of children who need a home, children that have been waiting years for a home. im sure they are loving their lives filled with abuse, neglect & disease. why dont you adopt one of them? is it because they dont fit into your ideal society? im sorry but did you ever consider how difficult it is for a women to grow a baby inside her & then hand it over to someone else? i sponsor a child,in his community one child in every home has died before the age of 5, how cruel is that to have a child just to watch them suffer & die a painful death, but hey maybe all you anti-abortion heros can save them all by adopting them.....


Vent - March 5

i am not looking to adopt a perfect blond haired blue eyed baby. Any race will do. But I am not willing to pay $25,000 or more to adopt from an agency. Most babies are snatched up by the agencies and sold. Legal baby selling.


Randy - March 5

ALL adoption is legal baby selling. I'm very much pro-adoption but it's simply another word for buying a baby. And not all babies cost $25000. Do your homework, babies from South America cost considerably less as do babies from many other countries.


Re:Randy - March 6

All adoptions are not baby selling. You must be pretty ignorant. You do not know much about adoption so you should not be talking about things you know nothing about.


Renae - March 6

Randy you are probably one of those athyist who derived from monkeys.


? - March 6

I have an adopted child. I did not pay anything for the adoption other than legal fees to the court and attorney. It was not baby selling.


Re:HAHA - March 7

You are going to HELL if you do not find forgiveness for the murder you committed.



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