Getting Married At 16

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unsure_baby16 - April 30

Hey everyone I've seen so posts on here with girls that are 12,13 and 16 or older who are married how did you get married? and how did your parents react to it? b cuz I'm 16 and my BF is 21 and we want to get married but don't know how


April - April 30

First you'd have to have written consent from your parents... and second it's hard because you're a 16 year old and a 21 year old.... technically your boyfriend could be sent to jail for statutory rape. (that is if you guys had s_x).


emz_88 - June 28

yes u can get married, in scotland it is legal for u to marry, without your parents concent


Mommy - June 28

My parents went to the court house to sign the permission papers for me to get married. I was 17 and my husband was 22. My parents were for it because we have been together for 2 years before that and we have 2 kids together anyway.


mischelly30 - June 28

Why are you in such a rush? Giving the average life expectancy is 76, you probably have about another 60 years left to live. Surely you can wait a *couple* years at least to get married. Most likely your parents will freak. I sure would, if you were my daughter. But hopefully they'll come around and be supportive. In any case, in most states in the US they'd have to give consent, otherwise it wouldn't'd have to wait til you're 18. If you get married now, be prepared to put in a LOT of hard work. The odds of a successful teen marriage are stacked WAY against you.....


jazyjewls - July 25

It depends on what state you are in... Some states allow you to get married at 16 look up the law in your state


teenwife - November 10

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