Has Anyone Ever Helped A Pregnant Single Mom

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a mom - June 22

Just wondering if anyone on this forum has offered a place to stay for a single mom. If so, how did it turn out? I have an apartment in my house I would like to share to help out since I know what it's like to be a single mom. Thanks.


strength101 - June 22

There are programs that help where volunteers offer a place to stay. An example is birthright of Memphis, tn. You may want to call around and see if there are programs in your area looking for placement homes, they may screen potential single mothers in need and provide some guidelines. It is so great to give your heart, however you still have to be careful. If you do it through a program as a volunteer, you'll be okay. If you allow anyone to live in your home you need to know the renter/lease laws that apply and cover all areas. You may have a person that is irresponsible and getting them out may become a bigger deal than you are prepared for. Think it through. Keep your good giving heart and give in other ways if this does not work. Thank you for being a wonder caring person we need more people who are willing to give and not take!


a mom - June 22

Thank you for the advice. We did have someone who was supposed to move in but her situation changed and she decided to stay at her grandma's. :)


s - June 25

I haven't done what your thinking about, but I think its a very good idea. What a lot of single mom's need is support while the get through there pregnancy and so few have it.


a mom - June 25

Thanks. To make a long story short, we have an extra apartment in our house formerly occupied by family, that I feel that God is calling me to use it by helping others. We were thinking a struggling college student or single mom because rent is expensive out there! I was a single mom once so I know it's tough. I am involved in helping my community and thought about starting my own support group for moms in need, like a temp. place for battered women and chlidren and a food pantry and clothes closet. It's just a pipedream at this moment. Does this sound crazy? Anyone out there do something similar?


kate - July 10

i would love to talk to u, i have helped lots of young teen moms please email me @ [email protected] hope to hear from u


Nicole - July 11

We have thought of this when adoption is part of the situation. We have 5 bedrooms and we could help out a single Mom to be that wants to look into an adoption plan. http://www.adoptionprayer.com


ok ok - July 11

there you go again Nicole!! she's looking for help and you're willing as long as adoption is part of the deal.


a mom - July 11

Actually I'm not looking for help, I want to help. I would help out if the girl/woman was keeping the baby or not or had an older child. The couple we were helping before were teenagers with two kids of their own. They were going to move in with us so we could help them get off to a good start in life after completing high school. There is not many jobs at where they live which is the exact opposite here. There are jobs everywhere. I'm not looking to adopt, I have my own kids. Maybe one day when they are older I want to adopt or do foster care. My goal was to reach out to my community and help those in need. There are so many battered women who need a hand up not hand out. Or people just down on their luck do to circ_mstances or bad choices in the past. We have a stable home in a nice neighborhood with lots of great places around for kids, including our backyard which has a pool. I feel so fortunate to be able to work and have a healthy family.



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