He Can T Seem To Handle The Stress

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Stacey - December 15

So here I am...7 months pregnant and he's not sure he wants to be with me any more. He says the stress is too much for him and that he needs to work on his career right now. That is his new focus. We were living in Arkansas and about a year ago we had a miscarriage and three months later we got pregnant again on accident. Well he decided we needed to go to California. I went to California and after 2 months of living in h__l with his sister (the b*tch) with no jobs I decided to come back to Arkansas. I told him that the move to California was a bad idea at the time. I told him he should come back here with me until after the baby is born and he refuses to do so. All of a sudden I'm a nagging b*itch who has made is life h__l for over the past two years . he says he just doesn't know if he really wants to be with some one like me or not. I told him if he leaves then he will never see this baby. I'm not gonna do all the hard stuff and he gets the fun parts. He seems to think he needs to find himself all of a sudden and I'm hurt, p___sed off, and just sooo confused. I keep thinking this is just some scared tatic or something but I really think he doesn't care enough to matter if he has anything to do with me or this baby. I'm just really confused.... Not sure what I should do...


g - December 15

I wish i had good advice but i don't. All men think we nag but if they would talk to us a little more maybe we wouldnt have to! We are more feeling then men and things usually effect us differently. So did he ask you to go with him? Maybe he was mad that you left? To me thats no excuse what he said to you. But why would he be trying to scare you?How were you two before you found out you were prego? So if he needs to find himself i think he should have you by his side. I guess when he calms down maybe he will be ready to talk. I hope you get your answer from him soon. It's more stressful to be prego and them just ignore us! Good luck. My sister is kinda going through the same thing but she is not prego. So she's still with him and she's still trying to figure him out. She said don't by the last two years statement it takes two but it's not you.



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