He Kicked Me Out 38 Weeks Pregnant For Another Girl

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Mindy - September 12

I'm 38 weeks pregnant. About a week ago my baby's father decided to date this other girl and left me out on the street with nowhere to go. Fortunately my parents are letting me stay with them for a couple of weeks. He says he still wants to see his baby, but he kicked me out for someone he barely knows, I'm only 19, I have no money, because I'm on bed rest and can't work, and I don't know what to do. I'm 4 days away from my due date with nothing but my baby in my tummy and our clothes in my duffel bag. What should I do about a home? Should I let him see my little girl? :(


mjs - June 28

Your in a very hard position. I am hoping that your parents will continue to be supportive since he has turned his back on you. Keep in mind that he could be freaking out about the upcoming responsibility easpecially if you are both young. I realize right now you are probably very angry with him, but he may come around atleast to be a good father. I wouldn't go back to have a relationship with him though.


rj - July 1

Go to your courthouse and file for a court ordered paternity test. He will be forced to take this test by law. Then the court will order him to pay you child support $$$$ or he will go to jail. You are required by law to let him see the child if he wants if he is the father. File for child support. Your child deserves the money you get to help support it and pay for a place to live. You do not need to go back with him to have a place to live. If he is the father, legally he must pay you money to support you and the child even if you are not dating. good luck


Jen - July 2

I would advise going to a support group, shelter, etc for pregnant women, they can help get you on your feet, help with education, a place to live, getting child support, emotional support and programs that can help you become a good mother. Going to a court house for child support will not get you enough to support both yourself and your new baby. Get some help to make your life better for your baby and put your efforts towards loving yourself and your baby, not him. It's very hard but you and your baby are worth it! Good Luck!


viki - July 20

keep your head up and just know your not alone.... keep positive x


B - July 22

I agree with me... I've been there, and all I've heard was the I'll change.. Sometimes i'ts better that a baby doesn't get to know his father. Best Wishes..


Trish - July 29

I know exactually what you are going through. i was 3 1/2 months pregnant with my son (now 38 weeks) when his father kicked me out,not caring where i went. luckily i moved back with my family. he made the excuse that he wanted to see what it was like to live on his own, to see if he could handle the responsiblity of supporting himself, let alone a family. that saturday (valentines day) i got a phone call from a mutual friend of ours telling me he had been seeing this girl heather for about a month. and she was there with him then. i went down there and they insisted they were just friends.the whole time she knew we were engaged and that we were living together and that i was pregnant with his baby. i havent heard from him now in 5 months, he wants me to name the baby after him, but it is not happening, i will not stop him from seeing our son, but i will never get back together with him, and he will not have unsupervised visitation ( i have my reasons) and i am going after child support. if you need a listening ear. anything email me at crazylove212004@yahoo.com


sjk - August 27

i am also going threw the same. he left me when i was 2 months preg. for another girl, he denies it , he says he needs time work his life out, but ive seen them together, the hardest part is he wants to be friends, how can i be his friend. he left me for some girl he dosent know and i gave him 9 years of my life. i know its hard but you will be ok. i agree w/ getting into a support group. god has blessed you w/ a beutiful baby, thats where your focus should be. love yourself and know you deserve better...god bless.


abc - September 3

I feel like we all must be dating the same miserable man. I too am pregnant and deserted for another woman who knew about me. It took me a long while to get over my anger toward her -- for the hara__sing phone calls that she was "in love with my boyfriend and would stop at nothing to be with him' but what hurt most was that when it came down to doing the right thing, he chose whoring around with anything that would spread their legs over doing the right thing for his girlfriend and child. Despite my sounding better, I actually have a more level head about the situation and this is my advice to all of you: 1. Telling someone to love themselves and get to know themselves better is a crock of c___p -- there are many conniving MEN out there and it is not your fault for trying to look for the best in someone that just isn't good to begin with. 2. A man "freaking out" over his responsibilities is no friggin excuse!!! So quit using it as one to make people feel better. We as women are the ones who have to deal with hormonal and body changes -- we're the ones that are truly ent_tled to "freak out" and yet we can't run from the situation because it is there with us from here til eternity -- Guys need to grow the heck up and we as women need to stop making excuses for them being sorry pathetic individuals. Rather, when you are alone, know that there are so many other women out there going through the same thing as you -- and YOU didn't make the mistake the idiot that left you did. And if he left you for someone else -- remember Karma is real and it won't be long before what goes around comes back around. While you're enjoying the delights of pregnany and even motherhood -- he will be missing out sorely and eveen if he is involved in your child's life -- later on in life your child will not respect someone who put another woman before them and their queen --- YOU --- their mom!


Jbc - September 5

Well, you can obvioulsy do better, and through time, you will. There is someone out there who wants to support you and your baby(even though you shouldn't depend on any man), don't feel like you are all by yourself. You are not! There are support groups, and helplines, but above all that, some free legal advice might help as well. Child support his a__s most definitely. And it is possible to allow him to see his child, however without going out of your sight, so he may as well get use to having you around again, if he wants to prove that he's not a low-life father. Which, to me it sounds like he is worthless to do such a thing to the mother carrying his unborn child. Kicking you out so far into your pregnancy just shows that he could care less what happens to you and your unborn baby if your parents weren't willing to take you back into their home, and you WERE living on the streets.


abc - September 5

Dionne B -- you sound really sympathetic --"adopt out and next time use contraception . . ." Why would you even respond -- you sound more like the woman the man is cheating with than one who empathizes with the situation at hand.


jaa - September 5

I agree with everything abc said. Although there is some definate validity to the "love yourself love your child" thing. I am 12 weeks pregnant. I was living with my fiance who was excited about the pregnancy but unfortunately has been in total denial of his alcoholism which enabled him to be emotionally abusive and distant. I moved out of the house and back in with my mother because of this. I made it clear to him that I did not want the relationship to end but that he and I needed to use this time to work on our own issues so we could come together better as a couple and as parents. His reaction? Cutting me off, bad mouthing me to his family and everyone he knows, turning off my email and my cell phone, taking money from me, and demanding the ring back! No, he didn't leave me for someone else thank god but we are not even in contact anymore. The thing that keeps me strong and will hopefully keep you strong honey is that child. You're a mom now, with or without him, and as scary as that can be to face it will also be one of the most empowering things in your life. Whenever you're feeling scared and overwhelmed you use that energy to be resourceful and do whatever you gotta do for yourself and that baby! Get out there and get as much info as you need and don't take no for an answer. You don't have to look that hard or reach out that far to find support sweetie. We're out here for each other. I wish you and your baby all the best. If you wish you are welcome to email me: jennaea@hotmail.com and let me know how things are going for you.


jaa - September 5

oh..and another thing. PLEASE don't allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking that things will be better for the child if you go back to him at some point. They won't be. Untill he grows up and learns how to take responsibility like a man instead of running away and being a selfish jacka__s you and your child are better off without him. TRUST ME.


crazy - September 5

you definetly dont need him there are agencies that can help you look out for you first then think about wether to let him see the baby he is a jerk and right now you need peace so find it without him god bless


brooke - September 6

well im in nearly the same position as u i am 38 weeks pregnant and a week ago my bfriend told me he dint love me anymore n that he has stayed with me for the baby he still wants to see her very much so and i have had to go and stay with my parents until a find a place he is 30 and im only 17 we have been together over a year and now turns round and tells me this he says he will help finding me a place. i am still letting him see her so yeh i think you could let him see your little girl but im sure he wil realise what he is missing out on once she is born i wouldnt worry too much bout it there is also places to live if not with your parents i hope everything turns out ok


abc - September 7

Dionne B -- you sound really sympathetic --"adopt out and next time use contraception . . ." Why would you even respond -- you sound more like the woman the man is cheating with than one who empathizes with the situation at hand.


lol - September 12

lol. i keep telling people on this that happens most of the time, but they wont believe it until it happens. i keep saying that its true, just cause ure pregnant they dont care, after a while their gonna leave u for a hotter chick. its just the way guys work.



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