He Wants An Abortion I M Not Sure

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Alone - April 15

I recently told my baby's father that I'm pregnant. We're both in college and 20 years old. He says hes not ready to be a father and says that abortion would be best for us right now. He says he'll pay for it and everything will work out. I'm not sure if I can do that, but I don't know if I'm ready to be a mother either.


*huggles* - April 15

Don't make a decision that could ruin the rest of your life. Abortion is a decision that you can't go back and do over again. If you are not sure, I might suggest, having the baby, and then deciding whether or not to give the baby up for adoption. So many families LONG for a new baby and can't have one, and you were Blessed with one. I know you can probably only see the negatives...but look at the positives.


April - April 16

I agree with *huggles* and also remember that abortion is not a form of birth control.. .and if your boyfriend is not ready to be a father then he shouldn't be having s_x. Pregnancy can seem scary at first, mine wasn't planned and I know I was scared. But once you hear the first heartbeat and feel the first kick... you'll love that baby and never want to go back...


Jackie - April 17

Abortion isn't that bad if thats what you want, its hard but you get over it and move on


Jen - April 20

Think about adoption


been there! - April 23

i did and and have regretted it since. its something you NEVER get over. any man who wants you to have an abortion does not love you.


Amanda - April 23

Have you though about adoption?????? If you are thinking about adoption. Please email me [email protected] I want to have a baby more than anythhing in this worl have been trying for a few years and cant even with fertility drugs so please consider adoption cause there are allot of people out there that would love that baby.


alone - May 4

thanks for the comments. we're talking things over a little at a time and i think i'm finally getting through to him. I'm still not sure about keeping it but i've thought long and hard and abortion is just not the right choice for me. thanks for the support.



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