He Wants To Date Other Girls

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maria - December 1

Hello, I am a 31 yr old woman who is 8 months pregnant. About a week ago my boyfriend and I had a talk about our relationship. He told me that he want to or felt like he wanted to talk to other girls and was having doubt about our relationship.Me having my own doubts told him I understood how he felt and related some of my own problems and temptations.Although I was calm and handled the conversation well, I have been freaking out. He does not know which direction he wants to go and I feel like everything is in limbo. I am beginning to think that there maybe other women or a woman in the picture.He says that he has been feeling better sinced we talked and he has not had any of thoes desires,but I have a hundred questions. I am not sure if he is going to run or stay or if I should stay. Please help


Kris - December 7

Wow! I feel for your situation. I would be concerned as well that he may already have other women in mind. It seems to me that he must have been thinking about this for a while before confronting you, therefore may have someone in mind. Or, he could just be feeling the temptation and respects you enough not to cheat. I don't know him, so it is hard to say. This is a very hard decision to make as you are in a tender state right now. Your pregnancy is almost over, and you are entering a new phase in your life. I would wait and see how things work out from now until the baby is born. I would start detaching myself from him emotionally if I were you. That way if he does split, you will have already started preparing yourself. I would try to pray for the best. I hope you get the resolution you are looking for! good luck in the future and try to remember that you must put the best interest of your child first


maria - December 7

This is something I deal with every day,since he has mentioned this to me. He claims up and down that he has not cheated. I don't know if I can believe him. So I have given my relationship to God,because I realize that it has been a physical one instead of a spirital one. I have also been praying a lot. Mostly that I have the ability to let go and move one with my life. It is very hard to keep my mouth shut when I want to accuse him of messing around or when I am just angry that I am in this situation anyway. Lately he has been nice, but I am a little uncomfortable with it. I am not sure how to take his kindness.


[email protected] - December 7

well the same thing happend to me ,and he was seen another girl and i chought him and i left cause i felt like i was in the way so after i had the baby then he wanted to get back in my life and i said you did want me then and you were not there for me so i can find some one who well there is pleney of fish out there is the sea .and i will find the right one for my son and me


maria-re /coutry girl - December 7

How did you catch him? I snoop through his things but never find anything. Our car is not working now so I am in the house all the time. what did you do to catch him? If I catch him there is no way that I will stay. I am not afraid of being alone.I know that I am a good woman and he lost out. I also know that he would be using the other woman to get out of this relationship, she would be just an excuse. If that is the case then hell my life would be better with out him, I want a man with a backbone.


--- - December 8

call cheaters!



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