He Was Divorcing But He Lied

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IMadeABad Choice - February 13

I am six months pregnant. I met a man who was going through a messy divorce. Within a few months of being with him he wanted to marry me and claimed daily that he loved me and that he was trying to speed the process of his divorce. I found out I was pregnant only 2 months after being with him. By this time he already established that we would be together. We were making plans to move, etc. Well to make a long story short. His wife started calling saying she wanted to work things out. This had been going on for a while, I knew it because I felt it. I guess you could say it was a gut feeling. I asked on numerous occasions and he would deny even up until the day he and his wife called and said they were getting back together. This happened the week of Christmas. The day they called he said he never loved me and used me to get back at his wife for leaving him. He called me names and she laughed at me. What shocked me most is that throughout the relationship I spoke to who I thought was the ex-wife and she said she left him because he was abusive and that he forced her to abort a child in May. He lied to me about their relationship. She knows I am pregnant but says he would not take care of the child to which he agreed. They have a two year old and he has a 16 year old and I know from what she says he will not be involved in this child's life. All this to say that I obviously made the decesion to keep the baby but I need support. I haven't spoken to him since the incident I have remained strong in that sort. Now that he is back with his wife I refuse to be a desperate homewrecker. I just wish I made a better choice. I guess next time I need to see the divorce papers!!!


IMadeABad Choice - February 14

Just wanted to add they were not living together and the divorce was to be final this Feb. By all accounts they were legally seperated. Both wife nad husband admits to this much. I only added this because I see people could be very judgemental on here if they feel the woman knew he was still with the wife...


Melissa30 - February 14

Regardless whether he is in the child's life he WILL be financially responsible for the child. After the way he treated you, you should take him to court and get every dime of child support you can get from him. It is the child's right to recieve support from the father. You won't be a homewrecker by demanding support for your baby.


Punkin - February 14

I agree you should make him pay child support, and part of the insurance and he'll have to split medical bills and child care, I would take every cent you can get from this jerk!!!



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