He Wont Talk About The Baby

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#2 - March 10

I am 11 weeks pregnant, I've had some issues with my b/f, even considered abortion, and now that I am definately having the baby, when I bring it up to him, he changes the subject or completely ignores that I have said anything at all. How do I get it through his head that this baby is not just going to dissapear.


Audrey - March 11

Your bf is in denial. He thinks that if he doesn't talk about it the problem will go away. Tell him that you want him to be part of the lives of you and your child, but if he refuses to take responsibility then you are better off without his selfishness. Best of luck!


kirby - March 12

baby many boys are like this. you are the one that is carein the baby so you will talk about the baby more. many boysjust sit back and wait for the day yhat the baby comes and at that point he will see his little gift


brandi - March 12

u just need to calm down a bit. he is just frustriated about all of this. he is worried that he is not going to have enough money or anything else that he needs to take care of his child. maybe you should consider talking to him about this and tell him how u feel or else everything might end up messing the pregnacy up. tell him he should consider getting a job that he is old enough for and get some money to take care of his child. tell him off if he says something that is stupid like that ain't my baby. say don't be coming to me when u miss me or need help or something like that but try to get him to get a job first. remember this u never just want a good looking man u want a man that u know will help u if u get pregnant. find the perfect man.


#2 - March 13

He has a very good job. He is in his early 30's. Me, late 20's. Though he is acting like he is 17.


Em - March 14

I feel sort of the same. My baby is due any day now and is a very much wanted baby. But my boyfriend hardly ever talks about it and says i have become obsessed with it. Do u think that he is right? We do become obsessed?


#2 - March 21

My b/f moved out yesterday. I think he was just a little bit more than frustrated. He was still sleeping with his ex. And by the way Audrey, you give great advice.


Audrey - March 22

It's easy to get obsessed, frustrated, or scared when you have a baby on the way. Your body is going through big changes, and once the baby arrives you'll have to change your life around to suit it. It's harder for men to accept that because they don't have to go through all the physical and emotional stress of a pregnancy. Chin up ladies!


christle - March 22

hey dont feel bab, i just found out i am at least two- four week and my babys father wants nothing to do with me or the baby, he doesnt want it. we only knew each other for two weeks. i feel empty and all alone.


#2 - March 23

I am feeling so alone. But I know I can get through this. I think of this as a precious gift he has given to me. Too bad for thim that he is a coward. I just wish I had money. If I did, I would keep him as far from me and the baby as possible.



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