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fj25george - January 14

Please Help Me......I just wanted to start off by saying that I am 26yrs old and ever sence I can remeber my period has been so regualer. My last three periods were 10/26/2006, 11/24/2006, and 12/25/2006. And I found out today I was pregnant. Well I have had s_x with two guys one name RUDY on December 2nd and the other one name BRAD December 7th and 8th. I dont know who the father is. I want it to be the one I had s_x with on December 7th BRAD but I guess I will have to wait to find out. If I go by the chart saying 14 days after the first day of your last period it would December 7th my fertal time and also the 8th of december I do rember my temparture was realy high and I felt weird saliva like being fertal that day. Do you guys think it is BRAD's or RUDY's? Please help!.. If you have any info that will help please let me know, and thank you!


slowpoke01 - January 18

since you have about a 31 day cycle i would say that you probably ovulated aound around dec 8th or 9th. so i would say that it was the 2nd guys baby. there is no way that the sperm from "rudy" lived that long i wouldnt think. i mean anything is possible but i would say that more than likely it would be brads. by using the ovulation claculator on it say that with a 30 day cycle your fertile period is dec. 7th-12th and with a 31 day cycle your fertile period is dec. 8th-13th. so i dont think that "rudy is the father. just by these calculations. good luck


Skyeblue - January 18

This is a tuff one. I have read and heard from my MW that sperm can live up to 5 days. Even an ealry ultrasound does can not predict a conception date. You also do not always ovulate exactly 2 weeks before your period. And your dates of s_xual encounters are less than a week apart which makes it even more difficult. You will get people rooting for Rudy and others for Brad, but sadly the only way to be sure is a DNA test, which you can have done during pregnancy, but it is an evasive procedure and of course runs a small risk. But if you think it will put your mind at ease then do it. You do NOT want to be stressed and worried your entire pregnancy thinking about this. You need to relax, be healthy, sleep well etc. Good luck! BTW have you considered informing both guys of the situation...? If you have, what was their reactions?


Skyeblue - January 18




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