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help - December 31

im not single yet but im pregnant my bf and i ive had unprotected s_x but he didnt c_m in me he pulled out wen he was gonna but a few weeks ago i had s_x with some one else and he came in me now im pregnant and i dont know wot the h__l 2 do im deffo keeping the baby but with the 2 lads plz help!!!


your a s___t - December 31

your a s___t


strength101 - December 31

As much I hate to say this your chances increased with the individual that ejaculated inside of you, however even though you used the withdraw method with you BF pre-ejaculation can also get you pregnant. With pre-ejaculation a man does feel it as he does when he has that final ejaculation. After this situation I strongly suggest you always at all times use protection for pregnancy purposes and your health. Your health is more important now if you plan to raise a child, he/she will need you to be around. Go to and look on the left for the "family" icon, goto the family web page and click on pregnancy and baby, there they have a pregnancy calender option and it allows you to input the date of last period which if I remember correctly it tells you your estimated conception date. Sperm can live in your body for 5-7 days according to Drs. Breman & Breman (sp?). That may help you. But honestly I feel that as hard it may for you, honesty is the best thing with your BF. It is not fair to him to go through this pregnancy thinking this is his child and to later find out you knew the possibility exsisted. There are many men who stick by women in these situations. But he has the right to be hurt & the right to choose to wait until the baby is born before becoming involved. Unfornately this is where you have to be mature enough to respect the person you are involved with and give him a choice, lies always catch up. You have to be understanding if he makes a choice to wait and determine paternity, that is the risk you took in your relationship. Not judging you, but you have to some responsibility in your situation. Just curious, how far along are you?


strength101 - December 31

Sorry - Instead of MSn, go to, click on the pregnancy tab, on the right side it you see a due date cal., enter your last period and a screen will pop up at the top it gives you your estimated conception (ovaulation) date.



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