Help Should I Have A Baby From A 70 Yr Old Married Man

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Desperate for Decision in Tx - April 26

I am 31 yrs old and met my lover of 6 months as a student - he was my professor - We talked for hours after class and continued on the phone til late at night. He said he had never been married or had any children. I had never been to his house because he wanted it to be right - We would have s_x at hotels - he would spend holidays with me - so how could I ever of known? I have two children 12 and 9 and have let him into their lives. About 2 months into our relationship he asked me to get off the pill so we could have a baby - Well I did and now I am 2 months pregnant and my friend hired a PI to investigate him and Whola!! He is married by common law marriage - She is 55 and he is 70 - He lied and told me that he was 44 -- I contacted his wife and told her about us and she said it was between us - I guess after 20 yrs maybe he has done it b-4 or who knows. She acted like she was not suprised and did not care - So i am more confused - He wants me to have the baby and he will take care of me but I already have two children fatherless and don't think I need another one but I want this baby - IT WAS PLANNED - WELL OUT OF LIES Please help me decide - I still love him and have not talked to him since I contacted his wife - I don't think I did wrong since he lied to us both or did I??


MEL - April 26

I don't think you did wrong, I mean he lied to you, you didn't know how old he really was or that he was married. Just because of the situation now, doesn't mean you shouldn't keep this baby. If you really never want to talk to him again you can take him to court and get child support, or you can keep the relationship friendly and let him have a relationship with his child...either way it will work out. I was raised without a father and I am doing just fine! You know what's best for you, but if you want my opinion, keep the baby, maybe try visitation rights with him, I am sure everything will be fine.


aisha - April 26

but at 70 what kind of father will he be? I mean he wont live to see the babys adulthood...what a mean man,


Jill - April 28

I think your retarded 70 year olds can't even get it up let alone be fertile


maria - April 28

Your question answers your question.


Monica - April 28

Well first of all, why didn't you investigate him BEFORE you got pregnant. Maybe he lied to his wife about you and that's why she didn't seem surprised. He may have told her that you were lying. One parent loving a child is better than none. The child is here you have no choice but to raise it. This man lied about his age. He has never been married. Common law marriage is not the same. Seems like he has done this before. Doesn't seem like an upstanding man to me. Maybe at the ripe old age of 70 he is ready to settle down. I think women should investigate BEFORE they get involved. It would save the wife, the other women and hopefully no children would be brought into this world like this. Keep the baby and next time yhou get involved with a man - INVESTIGATE first.


MizNusty - May 4

Did you know the average life expectanty for an American male is 72. This guy probably won't make to the birth of this kid. Unless you are prepaid to have it alone you should get rid of it. Plus that's some really old sperm that got into you. There's a high probablity of genetic diseases.


Juliana - May 4

You need to take his lousy a__s to court. A good lawer could have a field day with that one. Tell him if he doesn't leave his "wife" that you'll get him on frateneratization. You also had an oral contract with him. He should NOT be having s_x with his students. He's done this before and probably has a record. Take him to court. Have the baby. Then keep his money.


jimbob - May 4

u s/ write for soap operas



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