HELP Am I Making The Right Choice

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amazing grace. - June 19

Hear is a little twist of logic. I have no idea if I’m pregnant or not. My periods are irregular, The pregnancy test that I took came out negative (I doubt I‘m pregnant). But I got really scared about it. This is the deal. My boyfriend is Pro-life and I'm Pro-choice. He said that if I got pregnant, he would be hear for the baby, and not me (we are fighting right now) so that kind of made me mad. And another thing, I said that we could get an abortion early in the pregnancy. He said that he doesn't believe in that, and that I should carry it, and give it up for adoption. But he's not willing to be with me and stay by my side and help. So I'm like ok sure, ill go through h__l for 9 months and you do nothing just because you have a stupid conservative point of view. Ha, I don't think so. I doubt that I am pregnant, but if the off chance that I am, I will most likely abort it. And I'm going to ditch this loser... Do you think I’m making the right choice?


jess - June 19

Well, if you're fighting all the time, why stay together? But if you love this guy, just because he has a different belief system than you do is no reason to call him a "loser." People come together from all different faiths, morals, ethics, ideologies, and work it out. If you got pregnant and aborted the baby against the father's wishes (who legally has no say until the child is born, but you should respect him as a person), he has ever right to dump you and think you a loser who has no respect for him. He has a certain faith, and has every right to expect that you respect that faith. The same is true vice-versa. So I guess the real answer is, he should make sure he ALWAYS uses condoms if he knows that you'll kill any child that the two of you may conceive. As for the breaking up thing... well, that really has nothing to do with the pregnancy topic, does it? It really depends on if you care for him...


to amazing - June 19

You are the one who will have to carry a baby for 9 months. When the baby is born, you will have to raise the baby. You will be a single parent. He don't have to stick around. You can ask for child support if the courts can find him. So likely , You will be the sole provider. Taking care of a child is very hard and even worst if you are single....Do what is best for you. He can't make you carry a baby to term. Good luck!



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