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maria - April 10

i am 10wks preg and single my boyfriend wants nothing to do w/me he says he has got back w/his baby's mom, and say's i can't say nothing, i have no grounds beacuse she was there first, iam so hurt and depressed. he calls once and a while and i only get upset, should i tell him just to go away. what should i say to him?? why is he doing this, i feel like calling the other girl?? ever since i said i was preg. he claims he is not w/ me and the situation has changed he told me to have an abortion, because he doesn't want any more kids he already has a daughter, and things are working out btwn him and his ex.


? - April 11

I know you are really confused right now. You should not have an abortion just because he tells you to do it. I think long term happiness would come to you if you decide to parent or adopt the baby to a nice couple.Best of luck to you.


M - April 11

I went through the same thing that you're going through. I told this guy I was pregnant and he decided he wanted to be back with his baby momma too. Well he got tired oof her and I took him back a__suming that it would different this time. Well he was trying to pressure me into having an abortion because he already had his son and didn't want anymore kids. He "couldn't love another kid." Well eventually things fell off again and he went back to the other girl again. By this time I was feeling so alone that all I wanted to do was have the abortion so I would never have anything to do with him ever again. Well I was naive for the second time and he came back to me again. This time I told him I was no longer going to think about abortion because it was no the childs fault. I was sent to the emergency room for high fever @ 10 weeks and it was the first time I heard the heartbeat and I got to see the baby. The father and I fell off again and he went back to her AGAIN! And you guessed it he came back to me. And being so DUMB I took him back for the last time. Now we don't even talk anymore. Right now you need to be thinking about you and your child. The baby is no longer just a bunch a cells its has a heart beat now. I'm so happy I kept the baby. Just remember if you do decide to keep the baby you better take that child support. You did not make that baby by yourself no reason it should be raised of your finances alone. Do what you feel is right. This may be your favorite mistake you ever make. I hope everything works out for you!


older and wiser - April 11

Ladies--I am also single, but I'm 32 and I can tell by reading that you are all younger than me. I am not judging, just trying to give the sisterhood some advice that it deserves. My bf insisted I terminate, and I thought about it for a minute--am ashamed, but I did. Then, something clicked in my head where I felt that I was strong enough to be on my own and I have been ever since. Think of all the mistakes you made. Do you want your child to feel depressed when he/she repeats your mistakes? No. So stop repeating them. If God didn't think women could handle a baby on her own, then women wouldn't be the ones getting pregnant. Stop moping and stop taking that @$$hole back! Do this for you, for your child, and for all of the sisterhood! I know you can!! God knows you can!! Good luck!


maria - April 11

ladies thank- u so much for the advice and support, i am already feelin better, im going to keep my baby and block him out. my focus is on me and my child now, not his loser A$#.



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