Help I Am 18 Pregnant With Twins By Friends Boyfriend

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kasey - December 29

i am so stressed and scared i have been having s_x with my friend bf now i am 4mnth pregnant with twins. he grabbed me by the throat yesterday and told me he would kill me if i told anyone the babies were his. i dont know what to do and i know being stressed isnt good for my babies...i feel so fed up now i am going to have to quit my job which is quite good pay and live off benefits (which i dont want to do) but he has told me he is not going to help or prvide for them. i just feel so fed up and need sum1 to talk to


anita - December 29

OMG!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. what an a$$!!! is there anyone at all you can talk to? mom, sister.... you need to go to the police immediately and tell them what he did. get a restraining order or at least set up the foundation for one. you have to talk to's not good to keep all this bottled up inside. and whatever you do, do not allow yourself to be alone w/ this guy again. you don't need a violent person around your babies or yourself. no matter what he says, if he's the father, he WILL have to pay child support. as for any other kind of support, well...this guy is incapable of it. you and your babies are better off w/o this idiot. why are you going to allow him to force you to leave a good job? does he work there also? if he does, HE needs to leave. well, good luck w/ everything and i'm sooo sorry you're going through so much. pregnacy is hard enough w/o all this extra drama. PLEASE go to the police and take care of yourself.


angel - January 1

GET A RESTRAINING ORDER!!!!!!!! i had to get one he has no right to threaten you especailly now that your pregnant with HIS kids!!!! what a horrible person! you dont deserve that from him he has no right to treat you that way... get a restraining order and when the babies are born get court oredered blood test (which he has to take) then he cant hurt you or the babies and youill have some support and good luck!


nikol - January 1

These people are totally right. You don't have to ake this from anyone. Plus, it doesn't matter if this guy doesn't wan't to give child support, HE HAS TO. I live in Alberta Canada and I don't know how it works where you live but he can be taken to court and have his wages garnished right off his pay check for child support wheather he wants to or not. I wouldn't even talk to him again and let the courts handle it. A restraining order is a good idea but is it enough to keep him away? Does he seem like the kind of guy that would obey a restraining order? I would stay as far away from this guy and let the law handle him. Forget about him being a part of your childs life because you wouldn't want your kids having him as a role model. I know you can do this on your own. Good luck and I'll say a little prayer for you. : )


kasey - January 3

thanx for all ur helpful advice....i have now moved away from my town and moved in with my dad 50 miles away i feel much more safer wiv him then at my own house........things are starting to look up 4 me and my babies now.....i am starting a training course to become a midwife in 2 wks time but i am going to stay home wi my children til they are about 1.....thanks for all ur helpful advise again............TO LOLOL sorry i am not as perfect as you ppl do make mistakes you know


krc - January 4

congradulations on moving away. Im glad you have an understanding father. But what are you going to tell your twins about their father when they're older. And as for your (ex?) best friend...did you just cut yourself off from her with no explanation. As far as the A-HOLE daddy I would get his wages garnished if your state allows it! Yeah I agree with LOLOL, you made your bed in all but he needs to share some responsibility also ! I wouldn't have contact with him but atleast get some money out of him. He wants to threaten you well play him at his own game..tell him if he doesn't pay up than you will reveal his dirty little secret !! blackmail does wonders !!! haha


livdea - January 9

Kasey, I'm not going to say anything these other girls have said other then don't listen to the BS that "lolol" said to you! We all make mistakes and we all have to deal with them. You don't need to be abused by anyone or hear some BS from some woman who has no compa__sion. Like I said we all make mistakes and we all pay for it differently. I hope all works out! Take care of yourself and your babies!


ellen - January 9

no kasey, do not listen to lolol, you have been so busy lying to your best friend, so why stop now? Oh, now you can lie to yourself, how dare lolol tell you the truth...sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend deserves a standing ovation


kasey - January 10

livdea- thanx for ur advise it is much the rest of u perfect angels where in this post did i write this girl is my best friend????? if u can spot plz inform me where because i must be going blind i said this girl was a friend..infact she was someone i knew from school not close to her ever..i know that doesnt make what i done right but i think i am paying for this mistake i have had to leave my home town and go 50 miles away to try and keep away from him, ive had to leave ma house, job, friends , and most of family. now i have to bring up 2 babies by maself i know it is my fault but u s dont need to be arseholes about it. i am only 18 i am going to make mistakes...god this is how u give advise to young ppl i really pity ur children or unborn babies as u s obviously have a lack of compa__sion.(thanx to all the ppl that did give me HELPFUL advise


to Kasey - January 10

Yes we all do make mistakes and we all learn from them and hopefully you will learn from this one. Nobody is perfect and at this time you don't need to be put down. I think you already know what you did was wrong. Please don't let any man ever put there hands on you. No matter what you've done you do not deserve that. Sleeping with him while he had a girlfriend was a mistake but you didn't make that mistake alone and he needs to financially help you out whether he likes it or not. These babies will need you and count on you so be strong and know that it will get better and NONE OF US ARE PERFECT! Best of luck to you and your little ones!


kasey - January 11

to "to kasey" thanx for being understanding i am sorry for what i done and i am trying to out it behind me and move on i am going for my 20wk scan nxt week i am so excited cant wait to find out what i am having i think its two boys just got a feelingx



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