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motolady - February 11

I need some help here.. i had unprotected s_x with someone on oct 28 2004. just one time. i went to the doctor november 6 because i was having a strange discharge to check for diseases and he said i had vaginitis and he gave me meds to treat it. i got my period around nov 9 2004. i started seriously dating someone right at that time. not the person from oct 28. we had unprotected s_x several times starting right when my period ended. i found out i was pregnant on dec 16 2004 went for ultrasound on dec 21 which stated i was 5 weeks pregnant. my due date from my LMP was 8/15/05 but after the ultrasound it got moved to 8/21/05. another ultrasound later into my pregnancy showed that according to the size of the baby, my 8/21 due date was accurate. i have a medical condition in which my doctor decided to induce me a week early. but i was already starting to dilate anyway, im not sure how many centimiter..i think 3 or 4. my son was born 8/16/05. IS THERE ANY CHANCE WHATSOEVER THAT HIS FATHER IS THE ONE NIGHT STAND ON OCT 28? please help me. im freaking out.


Ed - February 12

Only one way to be absolutely sure, have a test.


[email protected] - February 12

as long as your period on the 9th was regular in length and cycle, you got pregnant by the person you had s_x w/afer the period. and the due date is appropriate. trust me i know


motolady - February 12

i usually dont have a reagular i dont know what my cycle is. it comes every few months..but if i remember correctly, it was a regular length period on the 9th. we are having a test in a few days. that is why im freaking out. i was so sure he is my current boyfriends, but now he has me doubting myself. but according to the dates, it does line up to be my boyfriends..right?


ashchik - February 14

yeh for sure


phoenix_rising - February 14

Well if u remember it being regular length, and I trust that you are correct and u know u are correct. So do not worry. It is your current bf.


kat - February 15

the later u/s would be more accurate if it was done between 8-12 weeks. According to that you were 6 weeks pregnant on december the 21st (disregard first estimate) this would have made conception 4 weeks earlier (approx conception is 2 weeks later than the date they give you). So you would have conceived approx November 23rd, 14 days after your november 9th period. TEXT BOOK PREGNANCY/dates ... there is no way it could have been from oct 28th, dates all wrong for that and you had your period. RELAX.


motolady - February 15

starting to feel better...more confidant....thank you everyone.


Aisha - February 15

No chance


guest - February 21

: I mean no disrespect, but whatever happened to people using condoms? Since abstinence is obviously not realistic, at least use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs. In my opinion, there is no reason to not know who is the father unless you are careless. I know this will probably p__s a lot of women off, but it may be a wake up call for others out there. Be responsible ladies. You are better than that! For those of you who are already pregnant, good luck with your pregnancies.


s_xicherypoptart - February 7

if you had your period AFTER having s_x with someone thats not the dad..


tyler0323 - February 7

and this postis a year old, so im sure she has figured it out by now....



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