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need help - November 7

well i don't know where to begin i have a son by another man but when he was 3 year old i fell for a married man for 3 years we have had nothing but shit we kept arguing and he kept going back to his wife(but he said he slept on the sofa)which i asked her and she said she wouldn't touch him after he had been with me she also came up my house to make us get back together so i take him back then everything was fine till i became pregnant then things started to go wrong after my daughter was born i was painting the kitchen and his daughter came to see me and she told me that her dad kisses her mum everytime he leaves so i asked him about this and he said as if i would kiss her if i wanted to do things with her do you really think i would said my wife up here and get her to ask you to take me back plus once we were in bed and about 12pm he said he couldn't sleep so he took the dog out for a walk then when it was 1am i decided to walk past her house the kitchen light was on so i sat up the road and at 6am he came out of the house he reckons that his youngest daughter woke up so he was watching cartoons with her on the sofa since all that we have been getting on great he does everything to please me he has turned so loving he is now a perfect boyfriend i also asked him to get a divorce and he has but the problem with me is i still think he has done something with his wife but i can't find out because she won't tell me and he deffo won't so what do you guys think please help this has been on my mind for 2 years


Fiona - November 7

Don't do it anymore... you must get out of this. He's a pig for treating you this way. It's clear something is going on with his Ex. Why a man thinks his partner would be happy in this kind of situation is just so ignorant. I'm sorry for being so harsh but I have been in a similar situation and I had to get out of it. I know its difficult to change and make the break, but you have to look out for your own sanity and that of your children. Good Luck!


need help - November 7

but he has changed he doesn't go anywhere with out me now and he doesn't go down her house to see the kids he also is going through a divorce because i asked him to so he is better now it's just i keep thinking of the past and it's ruining our relationship


Fiona - November 8

Tell me how long ago was this incident when you followed him to his wife's house? has the divorce come through? if its bugging you, maybe you should get some couples councilling?


need help - November 8

this all happened when we first got together and lasted into the first year!



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