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Robyn - July 21

Hiya I'm only 15 and I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and me and my bf were messing around when i was ovulating (i know im stupid) and his p__s was nearly inside me he didnt c_m but he probably had prec_m on it. i was 5-6 days late and feeling nausus, light cramps, lower back pains and heartburn. I just feel how I felt when I was pregant before. I got some blood last week but was not heavy and lasted 2 days (maybe 3) and I took a test 3 days ago and the line to say it worked didn't come up. I have just found out my boyf (now ex) has got anotha girl pregnant and getting pregnant again is the last thing I wanted I don't want 2 be chained to this boy 4 the rest of my life. I really care 4 im but he's and idiot. I wasn't that bothered at 1st when I tought I MIGHT be but now I am gettng scared. What should I do about all of this? Do u think I'm pregnant? Can any1 help me plz? luv Robyn x x x


ZZ - July 23

First of all STOP HAVING s_x!!! You are so young! That is rediculous! Obviously you are not mature enough to hadle the situation and I"m not beign mean here, but you know the consequences and NOT USING PROTECTION??? You obviously know how babies are made, how to prevent the? And with some (same age as you???) boy who is just as obviously not ready for a relationship let alone a baby. And neither are you. Seems like you really need to do some serious thinking about what you want out of your life, and how to go about getting it. There is NOTHING good about having s_x at your age. Have you maybe tired talking to any counsolers at all?


April - July 24

It sounds to me like you might be pregnant, with all those symptoms. I have a question for you though, do you WANT to have a baby? Because it seems to me that after already being pregnant once, you would've learned your lesson and been MUCH more careful. I agree with ZZ that you shouldn't be having s_x at such a young age (I didn't even kiss my first boy till I was 16! I'm now 23) but if you really can't help yourself, and you're not pregnant, get on birth control. Also, another thing to think about if you want to be s_xually active.... 1 in 4 people have an STD. That's a very scary statistic, and it's absolutely true. At 15 years old do you want to get an STD? If you don't, you really need to be more careful. I hope everything turns out okay for you.


Robyn - July 26

Well I know I'm stupid and I'm NO WAY old enough to care 4 a baby!! I didn't want to get a lecture I just wanted a bit of help I thought u might be mature enough to give me a answer to help me. x X x


maya - July 26

robyn go totake a preg.test, if you are there are many options, you could keep the baby have an abortion or give up for adoption, don't be scared you will be alright, however the sooner u find out the better for ur options. take care wish u the best



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