Help Me Tell My New Boyfriend I Am Pregnant

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Rebeka F. - September 13

I recently met and have fell head over heels in love. I knew the 3rd time I went out with this man that he was "the one". We have mentioned a future and don't see ourselves without each other. A few weeks ago I was taking an antibiotic and the rest you know already. I am late. I thought we were being careful. When we decided to have s_x we both were tested for HIV/STDs and I have always been on the pill. I need some advise on how to tell him, and my parents. I know this is crazy, I am 32 years old and feel like I am 16 and scared to death. Scared of losing him and disappointing my parents. Any advise would be helpful.


Aly - June 15

If he is a caring and supportive boyfriend then he should take the news well. Tell his as soon as possible and at 32, I hardly see any disappointed parents - you'll find out that there'll be glad that you are having their grandchildren. Don't leave it any longer. the time is now! I hope this has helped you. Come back on here and tell us how you are getting on. Aly


Rebeka F. - June 16

Hi Aly, we took a test together last night to confirm and his words were "its not good" I told him I did love him and his reply "I like you alot and I stopped him before he could go any further. I stayed with him last night and he held me all night long. He said we should look at all our options and for me abortion is out of the question. Now I feel I am more scared then before.


nova - July 7

He's not worth it, if he feels liek this now then he'll only get worse, dump his a__s and concentrate on you and your baby! he doesn't deserve either of you! a single mum can do a lot better job than a mum and an un caring dad can!


katie - September 10

i don't see why your boyfriend will take the news badly. if he loves you and cares about you a much as you say he does then i dont think that you will loose him. and as for your parents unless you are 16 then i dont think they will mind a new little grandson or grand daughter


Kristen - September 11

This is so very odd to me...I am 31 and in the same exact situation.....I do not know how to tell him I came on here to ask the same question....I was on the pill and then 2 different DR. told me about that my pill would not work. My man is 39 and his only daughter is 18. Honesty do you think he would want another child...Yes I am scared of losing him as well. But, I am going to tell him today. I figure that either way it goes I am going to be better off......If he is okay with it....Great! we can move foreward with the relationship and if he is not okay why am I wasting more time on someone that truely does not love me the way I need to be loved.


Lucy - September 13

How ironic is this, I am in a very similar situation. I am still awaiting my results, and my mom hasn't even met him yet. He wants children very badly and I already have one. I know he will be happy, but my parents will flip their lids. I am 27 years old but the fear of disappointing your parents I guess never goes away, good luck, I am sure that they will be ok, even if it doesn't seem like it at first.


Viv - September 15

These are heart-breaking stories of mature and responsible women who have been caught in the "friends with privileges" trap, and the parental expectations bind. It helps understand why the single mother births in this age group have tripled in recent years. For those whose men are hesitating, I say join the ranks of cohabiting couples. Its commitment the men are afraid of. Make them bond with the baby in utero and thereafter. When you come home from the hospital, pop the baby in his arms and say "I think it needs changing. Can you look after that while I go to visit my friends". There are plenty of cohabiting couples who end up getting married. As to the parental bind, stand up straight, look them in the eye, and say, "Mom, I hear you, but that is sooo out of date. This is the 21st century. Society is changing and we are going to have to learn to change with it."


Quita - September 23

I am going through something similar. I am 25. I have 3 children and ive been dating a guy for a month now. i just found out that im 4weeks pregnant but i dont know how to tell him. I mean if its 4weeks i got pregnant almost immediately. Ive known him for 2 yrs but he just moved back in my area after being in florida a year. I love him and we talk about the future but we both wanted to wait some yrs to have kids together. I plan to tell him tonight. I found out yesterday during a routine check-up. I just dont want him to freak out and leave me. He was there during my last pregnancy. my kids are 5, 3 and 1. How should i tell him?



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