Hes Getting Married

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mywaymytime - June 24

I was with my now ex boyfriend for nearly two years, im 35 weeks pregnant, and he left me for another woman at 7 months. It hurts as we planned this child and to eventually get married once we were done with school.. As of last week, he claims even though he has moved on, hes not over me and he still cares/thinks about me. He had me come over last week to feel the baby and ended up doing more then that..he even went with me to my ultrasound and kissed me goodbye-which he hasnt done since hes been with her. They work together- and hes been working at this place less then 5 months..and so at most theyve known each other only 4-5 months. Well, yesterday i had to get ahold of him for something and well i got upset, and made of fool of myself by texting her that he once again cheated on her...which of course she didnt believe me and im a liar trying to break them up..well she also told me they were getting married next week.....she hasnt even met his parents, im 19, hes 23 and shes 27-with 3 kids and her tubes tied. Hes told me he wants more kids and isnt ready for marriage. I dont know why im stressing over it, but its hard to take in, and as stupid as it sounds-maybe its the hormones but i would probably take him back-but after extensive counseling etc. I finally got a new number so he has no way to contact me, i will contact him when the baby comes which is 5 weeks or less away. Maybe that will give him time to think about what he wants. Im not sure where im going with this, im just venting. And hoping he doesnt get married..she-not he told me to stop texting/calling him as i have hurt him enough and that they would be seeing me in court-as if its her child. As much as hes being an ass, and i dont deserve him, he does need to see this child- but i dont want her raising him-its a slap in the face as though he wants to start a family with her- this isnt a child that already knows his parents, this is a newborn kid. Maybe he will come around, i dont know. I need to move on, and dont know how until keson comes. I know once he comes he will be the focus of my life- i want him out right now. I know at least hes happy-my last us he was smiling..which makes me happy.


Cat24 - June 27

well this guy has you exactly where he wants you. god knows how many times he has managed to get you back in bed since you split up, but by the sounds of it it seems like quite a few. it also sounds a bit like a compet_tion with who can 'get the man' (as if any self respecting woman would seriously want such a guy)! he probably knows what if he gets bored of the woman he is with, he could probably pick you up again, if not just to sleep with you again. the guy is a user and you need to focus on your baby right now. leave him to do whatever he wants to do. at the end of the day he is a cheat as well and what goes around will come around, she will one day see him for what he is and get rid. if he wants to take things to Court that is his decision and after having her tubes tied im not sure that she would particularly be that interested in playing happy families as for a start she doesnt get on with you and she has children of her own to love and think about. you seem to be focusing more on this woman than anything else at the moment. you can't stop a grown man making his own decisions, if he wants to be with her then its wholly his decision, you can let him use you time and time again and then tell her youve slept with him, but then that only makes you seem desperate. i hope the counselling helps you to learn to love yourself and understand that you deserve BETTER than what a cheating liar has to offer.



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