How Do I Tell My Boyfriend

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Avirl - March 6

oh no im pregnant again it is really hard now that im only 16 with my 2nd child i will not have an abortion im going to keep it as my boyfrined was really happy to no but there is 1 problem i am having twins but i will keep them just if u read this don't get pregnant until u are about 20 years old


jennifer - March 7

nat I am in the same predictiment that you are in. i fear that i am pregnant and i don' know how to tell my boyfriend that i may be.


brandi - March 13

i say u should ask him to help u take care of the child since it is his. if he says no u should do what u think is best, either get an aborsion or have the baby and ask your family to help take care of it. live your life the way you want to


Luc - March 14

Hi, im 21 and found out i was pregnant on new years eve. I had been seeing a guy for about a month and didnt no if i could tell him. I did and he was fantastic. I had an abortion because a pregnancy wasnt right for me. The best i did wsa to tell him, he had a right to know. Yes it was hard and i was suprised he took responsability. We stopped seeing eachother after the termination, but r stil in regular contact. Having been in your situation id def advise u 2 tell him. I hope he was b as supportive as the man i was seeing. Good luck. Let us no how u get on.


ashley - March 23

listen, dont have an abortion! if u dont want the baby then give it up for adoption, if u have an abortion u will regret it for the rest of ur life. i promise


andy - March 28

ya sweaty i love you your great babie oh my god let have more babays


Susan - May 2

Nat. I too think I'm pregnant and I am terrified to tell my bf. I am much older (44) and never had a baby, but I'm so scared he will leave. I am financially & emotionally ready to take care of a baby, but I hope he is happy . Taking the pregnancy test tonight to find out for sure. Wish me luck.


Hannah - May 4

I'm not sure yet if I'm pregnant but I'm scared to death of what will happen if I am. My boyfriend already has two kids from a previous relationship of five years, and hardly has any money because he pays so much child support. If I am pregnant, I don't know how he'll react when I tell him! We've only been together 2 months! But to all of you, NO MATTER WHAT, whether you think you've made a mistake or whatever, it's NOT your child's fault, and DON'T have an abortion. There's always someone out there trying to adopt if you don't think you can raise it. There's people out there who will help you through all the hard times. So PLEASE don't let fear get the best of you and lead you to have an abortion! I know people in both situations and I promise you all the ones who went through w/ their pregnancies said they were glad they did, and wouldn't have it any other way!


amber - July 29

regardless keep the baby! if he really loves you he'll stick with you too!


Mallory - September 2

if he leaves u then screw him. it is up to u what u want to do STAY STRONG


Jamie - September 5

I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 21 we've been together for 7 months. I love him so much. His ex-girlfiend is pregnant with his first child and I just found out I'm 3 wks. along. I don't know how to tell him, how he'll react, what he'll want me to do, or what I should personally do.


Keri - September 8

I think you should tell him. If you ever want some one to talk to. my number is 205-553-1899. or my email is


Sarah - October 3

Hi, I am 23 and I just found out I am 2 months pregnant with my boyfriend baby I know how you feel I am terefied to tell him I want a baby but my boyfriend and I really don't get along that well and he is moving out of state for a job and I can't come with him. I am thinking about aborting the baby but I don't know. If anyone can give me some advice I would really appricate it


to sarah - October 4

do whats right for you honey.... its your safe, If your still together tell him though,he has the right to know.....


nats - May 5

hi i am some how in the same situation as u r... i dnt even know wat to do. i want to keep the baby but i cant i completely understand your situation. wish you all the best in any decision u make.


Danii - May 6

hey Nat, i just wanted to say quickly that not everyone regrets having abortions. I had one last year and neither me or the father regret it one bit. We are now having a bub, but then i wasn't emotionally stable enough and my body wasn't in the best shape to give my bub the best start to life. I will say however this time around i just couldn't do it. I knew deep down i wanted to keep this baby and thats exactally what i'm doing, as a single mother and i don't regret that either. i think you already know what you want to do, you just have to trust your instincts and believe that you are strong enough to deal with it either way, no matter what the outcome. We're a lot stronger then we think we are. Goodluck chicky



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