How Do You Know Whether You Are Ready

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gia - August 18

ok, i am 21 y.o. right now and am 6 wks pregnant. the father is younger than me and has no job and does not even think of his future. once i noticed how my being pregnant has not even changed his actions, i stopped talking to him altogether. i really resent him. i am just so confused, everyone keeps on telling me to do whats best for me or whats in my heart but my heart isnt telling me anything right now. i dont know whether to have an abortion or have the baby. my reasons for having an abortion all seem so selfish, such as i wanted to go back to school, i wanted my baby to have a good family, i dont think ill be able to find a good man who will be accepting of me and my baby, etc...any advice?


Zoe - September 30

Having lived through 2 abortions myself, I know where your coming from. Who cares right now what anybody else has to say about it. This is your choice nobody else's. If you don't think this is something you can handle right now, then go speak with a doctor, or an adoption place. If you think that you will be able to take on being a mother at your young age, then all the power to can do it. Ultimatly though, its your choice, don't forget that.


Viv - September 30

The life task each of us has is to get our genes into the next generation, and give them the best push start we are able.


Sky - October 4

You can still go back to school, create a good family for your baby, and find a man that will love you and your child. It just seems like the end of the world right now. It's not. If you don't want the responsibility of a child right now, maybe you should consider adoption. At least then you wouldn't have a life time of remembering the child you aborted and you could give some couple a chance of a lifetime.


Jen - October 4

Open adoption can be wonderful. email me and I will tell you all about our story. We have an open adoption, our son is now 2 1/2. My email is [email protected]



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