How Long Have I Been Pregnant

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michele - September 8

I had s_x w/two people in the past 2 months. One wore a condom each time but then took it off after a while. He pulled out each time too. The other never wore a condom and did finish inside me once. What is the probability that the first guy is the babies father? Also, can a preganancy test detect pregnancy w/in the first 2 1/2 weeks??


Traci - July 1

There is a possibilty that you are.The one that did not put on a condom just might be.


SaRaH - July 6

This is a place where u give POSITIVE advice! If u have nothing nice to say it is best that u keep ur mouth shut!!! Some people really need advice and not hateful comments from ugly people!!


unknown - July 11

I agree people come here for advice, not to be judged. In my opinion....I don't know. Sorry I'm not much help.


mel - July 22

It depends on when your period was. You ovulate 10-14 days after the end of your period. Which guy did you sleep with during this time frame. Second if you are pregnant, they will do an ultrasound and tell u how many weeks you are, then trace it back to when you had s_x.


help - August 8

Are the ultrasound dates always acurate (in a two week frame) if the pelvic exams, measurements, and symptoms have all corresponded so far?


Sally - August 10

Pregnancy CANNOT be detected untill your period is due. If you are pregnant then either boy could be the father. Whether a boy releases in you or not, you can still get pregnant as boys release pre c_m which is unavoidable. I think you need to have a long hard look at yourself and ask yourself why are you having unprotected s_x with more than one boy at the same time Not only could you be pregnant you could have an STI too. GO ON THE PILL AND USE CONDOMS!


sandra - August 23

yes a pregnancy test can tell u are pregnant in the first 2 weeks that u have missed your period its kinda for hard to tell. get a DNA TEST done after the baby is born.


Sam - August 25

Take a test the first day your period is due(taking it in the morning with your first wee might actually give you a clearer result too as the levels of hcg are more concentrated atthis time)..or you could have a blood test done to see if you are pregnant-blood tests can usually pick up very small traces of hcg in your body this can be done before your missed period!!


Dana - September 8

My baby is due April 9 2005 how many weeks i'm I


wow - September 20

it all depends but my guess is that since the last guy "finished" in side u then its his baby but u might want to have a dna test to make sure that is if u are even pregnnant


Mel - November 3

well you can't really, determine who's the father at this point, the moral thing to do if you are going to keep this baby is to let both men know they MAY be the father and to do an DNA test after the baby is born a home test will most accurate prob 23 days after you think you concieved also there is a brand that will let you know up to five days sooner is before your missed period. good luck and if your not pregnant then I suggest this be a lesson either way and pratice safer s_x with less parntners.


bmorebabe - November 4

I was 3 1/2 weeks pregnant when I found out this time one day after I missed my period, and the last time I had to get DNA done, but comparing the sono results and the dates of when you had s_x with each one can give you a pretty good idea, when I was pregnant with my first I was 8 weeks when I found out and I had broken up with one guy 3 weeks before I found out so there was a decent sized gap in the time when I was with one and the other. I really would talk to your doctor about the dates etc they will tell you what they can. Also to the people that cannot be suportive and help others when you cant be nice just be quiet I am so sick of people trying to be hurtful to others it is just plain cruel.


Sigga - November 7

u got preg. from the guy did not use condom and came in u, no such thing as precome, u cannot get preg. from that


Jessie - November 15

sigga u're an idiot!!!!!!!!! there is such a thing as prec_m and if u gave enough oral s_x u'd be able to destiguish it by the different taste u moron!!!


anonymous - December 1

uh this is weird. well ive only had s_x with my boyfriend twice since we've been together. the second time we did it, he pulled out late but i dont remember if any got in or not.that was a week ago today. now my stomach looks as tho im bloated, and ive been feeling sick for the past two days...could i be pregnant?


CNoel - December 1

there is no way to tell which is the father. A test can determine pregnancy that early.



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