How Long Have I Been Pregnant

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CNoel - December 1

there is no way to tell which is the father. A test can determine pregnancy that early.


ss - January 12

I would like to comment on what Sigga said. Yes. You most certainly get pregnant from "pre-come". It contains 10% sperm. There is one in every group that thinks that they know it all. Are you going around having s_x thinking that way?


tara - February 2

Okay I think anyone in here that is saying something mean you need to stop because people want advice not your mean opinions dont you have something better to do then to bring someone down! please quit with the negitive remarks!


Dr-B4BY - February 8

Well, Michele. Are you even pregnant? What is the gender of the baby. I guess since the first reply was in May 2004 and now (08/02/2005). The baby should be due around this time?


trying to help - February 8

ok going on a 28 day cycle...... you ovulate around the 14th day. Remember, you start counting the first day of your period (that would be day number one). Ok, so let's say you have a 30 day cycle, you count back 14 days, so on day16 you would be fertile. Now there is a margin of error, because the day you are fertile can move three days before or after the time when you would be expecting to be fertile. Like, with a 30 day cycle...... you could be fertile from day 13 to day 19. Does that make sense? So now, count back and figure out which guy it was. I think it could have been either, because things happen even if the guy pulls out. If you are pregnant.......... please don't have an abortion. My mom had one and never was mentally stable afterwards...... she always regretted it. Remeber, even though your life has some issues, you can offer your baby the greatest gift of all............... the chance to live. Be strong and if you have any questions about pregnancy you can e-mail me at [email protected] Oh, to further answer you question you can detect pregnancy the first day of your missed period........... it can detect pregnancy, around two weeks after you conceived.


Alejandra Salinas - February 21

yes it can be


tanya - February 26

there is a possibility that the first guy might be your baby's father.


X - February 28

Chances are it is the second guy who did not pull out. But it all depends on the day that you were ovulating. You can actually only get pregnant a day or two each month. You also can only take a preg. test after you have missed your period, not before. Hope that helps a bit.


Alexandria Marin - March 1

My husband and I just found out that we are pregnant! But without seeing a doctor yet, how can i find out how far along i am?


sur - March 3

you are pregnant from the first day of your last eriod, thats how they calculated mine


jamal - March 7

i missed my periods last month,my last monthly period was on 25/1/2005.for how many weeks have i been pregnant


mary - March 10

i am in your situation i am and i dunno who one was the 11th and he did the other was the 20 and he didnt and my last period was the 28


kirby - March 12

i dont belive in abortions so have your baby


crystal - May 24

well i was woundering in how can you tell your pregnant


Jay - June 9

I know how u feel it seems like some ho type stuff and it can be like a maury show but it's life people make mistakes. I thought of it but never thought i would be the one. I am pregnant now I had s_x with the same dude everyday from march 11 till i had s_x with another on march 27 now the first dude says he can't have kids and has tried so now i'm am confused who it is but remembering the second dude pulled out but that is not always a good thing to do either. so i went to the hospital and they took sonogarms pic and said i was 6 weeks at the time but i started my lmp 6 weeks ago that so i'm thinkin i got pregnant right after my period but now i will be 13 weeks tomorrow and honestly i think woman can get pregnant anytime if they s_xualy active.


danni - June 23

can i have an abortion if i have been pregnant for over two omnths



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