How Long Have I Been Pregnant

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danni - June 23

can i have an abortion if i have been pregnant for over two omnths


Elizabeth - July 9

I think i'm 16 weeks, been to the doctors who said I am, midwife said I'm not pregnant. I have most of the symtoms. Anyway to answer the last question posted here, 2 months is 8 weeks, I think the abortion time is 24 weeks 4 or 5 months, as some people do not always get pos preg tests, so they don't know that they are pregnant. I considered abortion but I can't, I feel it's murder to a human, plus the babys heart starts beating between 3 to 5 weeks, so thats an off put towards abortion. If the situation isen't right, then consider abortion. But other wise have the baby!


Sydney - July 10

Hey guys---I dont recommend abortion here! I know it was only mentioned...but that is a big decision to live with. Every baby is a blessing...though it may be difficult, i think it would be worth it to have it. im young, without a father, & was very upset to find out i was preg. As time has pa__sed.....Im beginnig to be excited. Everything happens for a reason!


heather - August 1



angela - September 14

how far long am i , im defiently pregnant. my last period was do august 9,so my ovulation days were august 20 to 25


Tray - September 15

Angela did you get a period on August 9th or did it never come? My period was due on August 10th never came and I am 9 weeks.


angela - September 15

i did get my period on august 9, i did not get it this month september. i now im pregnant i had a pregnancy test to confirm im just not how far along i am thankyou angela


Tray - September 15

Angela the pregnancy calculator said you would be 5 weeks and 2 days. check this site out:


amanda - September 23

how do i find out online how far long i am cuz i dont have a appointment until october,24,05


bump - September 25


amanda - September 26

check this website out


kellyrachel - November 29

How far long am I? My last period was October 9th...


tyler0323 - November 30

7w3d, due around july 16th. congrats



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