How Moraly Sick Can A Person Get Please Read

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g - January 6

Ok i have been here complaining of my ex but now i just found out some even nastier stuff about my ex. This is making me want to gag. Laws say its not bad enough but i say this stuff is not how any child especilly mine should be raised. It's only getting worse.I cant say what it is on the net but how do i deal with this? I just don't know what to do or well act around him. He doesn't know i know some new stuff.I know one thing is for sure, after what i found out, i for sure NEVER want to even hug him again. Yes he's gorgous(spelt that wrong?) but oh h__l no excuse my languege here. I know i would feel like i was sleeping with maggets ...gross! Ladies please the only advice i can give any more is if you find out your man or ex has been doing something bad it probably gets worse than that. I'm sorry but believe me when i say it really can get worse. Please tell me every state is not this bad on letting the parents do whatever especilly when the other parent says no.


hottmomaof6 - January 6

oh my gosh! this must be so horrible. If possible stay the heck away from him. Get a restraining order against him.


K - January 6

I'm not sure about the exact situation, of course, but from the way it sounds your ex is better off doing this weird c___p on his own. Even if it's not illegal, it's obviously immoral, and, like you said, not what you would want to expose your child to. You're better off safe than sorry, hun.


g - January 6

Thank you so much for replying, i need someone to talk to. The law states if i get a restraining order two things, i have to have some proof of why and i wont be alowed around him but my kids can. Oh he gets in trouble and thay do nothing to him just let him go or don't even bother! I am thinking some is illegal but like i said no proof.The law does not care they say its ok for a parent to teach their kids about "the ways of life at an early age even if it is more than just talking about it and bringing them around certain people or places, is ok to. " I am so sickened because of him. I am so confused the law does not care about our kids and what pyscological and phyisical issues they go trough with the other parent. I wish i could be on here just being single mom and being able to brag how wonderful of a dad he is. I always find one good thing in a person and i dont like talkin sh** but its all true. I know i'm far from perfect but oh my gosh the sick people get away with everything. And me being normal looses out.The lies and actions are getting worse daily with him and as a mom all i can do is sit and watch my kids turn into him? I don't know what to do. Sorry i'm just dragging this on and on. Thanks again.


hottmomaof6 - January 6

sweetie I know what you are going through when you say all you can do is sit there and watch your kids turn into him. My husband has not done that stuff, but he has been well a MAJOR ASS! And my kids have and are turning out like him. you just have to be strong and install the right morals into your kids no matter how hard or frustrating it will get. Keep on it. If you want to talk more you can e-mail me @ [email protected] I will be glad to talk to you any time. ~Misty~


g - January 7

Thanks. Yeah it's something to look at my child and be scared she will be 10 years old, a alchoholic and prego. I pray my kids stay safe and smarter than that but i know cuz of him its possible. I tell her alot drinking and drugs is bad.(don't think he's on drugs though) Nasty movies that does more than kiss is bad, bars are bad, sharing drinks is bad. Oh of course smoking and hitting, lieng...etc. But he seems as if he is the "rite one to them "cuz he keeps letting his"morals" fall on her. I am praying everyday though i will not give up! Sorry so long again.Sorry again for your situation.


g - January 7

oh i meant impossible because of him!!!


hottmomaof6 - January 8

hey there! I can NOT imagine going through that without giving up. As a matter of fact my husband has been a compleate ASS lately and I have no clue why. He does the majority of it in front of the kids no matter what I say. So I finally told him that I was done and he said fine. I'm sure he will act differently soon. But that's besides the point men think they own this world. ya know are situations should be an example for all women experiencing stuff like this. And we should try to stay strong No matter what or how they make us feel. And let's not show them the frustrations they cause. I hope today will be alot better for your family. Where are you from? Well I will talk to you later. ~Misty~


hottmomaof6 - January 8

sorry I ment "our", not are. :o)


g - January 8

Hello hope you and your family is fine today to. How many kids do you have? Maybe he's feeling supermacho or like every thing that comes up he has to decide? Men they swear they are all that! I am trying to stay strong and not show it in front of him-( which when we do show it i think it gets the men more angry and more excuses to act that way) but even then they shouldn't be pigs! Well i am in TX . Ughh i feel awful today i ate t much cake! YUM!!! I am so addicted to this bakery it's somethin! Real b___ter icing is sooo much better than whipped! I grew up in a family who loves sweets and fast food, oh heck,all foods! Well although i am mainly into sweets and fast food! Take care.


sasha - January 9

I found my ex's wanted poster on line.


g - January 9

You found it online? So i guess he completly through you off to when you saw that. So sorry. Yeah these so called men eww!!! I still havent heard from my ex but i guess thats good. Well good luck Sasha


Sasha - January 10

I know he has several warrants out for his arrest. I know he has one in the city for beating me up. I always knew he was an ex con. Except this one says, "s_x offender" on the t_tle. When I called the police department to inquire about it they said it was for a traffic violation. Who knows.... Better off without that guy!


g - January 11

So sorry for you. Yeah it just seems to get worse doesn't it? They get away with everything! Makes me so sick! Good luck and i hope you can find a safe place away from this so called man!


hottmomaof6 - January 12

Hey there g~ I'm sorry I have not worte in a couple of days, but I have been pretty sore. I am from Oregon. And I agree totally if we show how strong we are, that just maked them even madder. Ihope your family is doing good today. Mine is alright. Well I will write more tomorrow and I hope to talk to you. ~Misty~


hottmomaof6 - January 12

Sasha~ That is messed up. I hope you find the saftey you need for you and your family. Like I was telling g~ we as women have to be strong and stick together for the sake of sanity. I hope all is well. And you know if you ever need to talk we are here. ~Misty~


g - January 12

Hi hottmomaof6- sorry to hear you were sore. Glad you and your family are ok. As for here just the same ol. I text my ex and he ignores me, then he calls early in the morning and expected me to answer, i din't so when i got up i text him ,then called and still no reply! Even though he said call anytime of course he was drunk-again.So hey i'm gonna put this question in dicomfort forum but i failed my diabetes test , the one hour, now i have to take the 3 hour. I get ready to pa__s out even after 20 min of the one hour cuz i need at least 43/4 gla__ses of water and breakfast or i cant function and get ill. The DR says i have no choice but how am i gonna handle it? If i lay down for the 3 hour i think it will help, but yeah like the lab is gonna lay down for the 3 hours! Just soooooo worried.



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