How To Tell My Family I M Pregnant

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vanessa - December 10

hey i'm 20 and i am 14weeks my boyfriend and i thought of getting an abortion because we werent ready but we are keeping it his mom knows and is happy as can be but my parents arent as understanding i want to tell my mom so bad but i know they'll be upset like i tell his mom what can they do but support me what r they ganna do ground me?? no i dont think so its just hard and i feel that it might take a couple days for them to get over it but i think they will be accepting. its just how do i tell them? what do i say? can you help :thanks:


jacquelynn - December 16

Don't worry. I'm 14 and with my 2 and 3 children. When I told my mom I was pregnant she was about to die. She was already upset that while I was at school she had to take care of my son who is 2 years old. but she really supportive now and it's alright


Leann - December 17

The first time I found out I was pregnant I was almost 17. I just got up one morning and while my parents were having coffee I told them... They freaked out and being so scared myself they conviced me to get an abortion. It was the worst experience of my life. 18 months later I was pregnant again and this time I waited until it was to late to get rid of it and I just wrote my parents a letter. I ended up making it through college and now have a real job, moved 8 hours from home with just my daughter and I. I started seeing someone here and found out we are going to be parents. Im 25 and he is 37 and he doesnt want it at all. Im not excited to tell my family at all because i know they will be disapointed again... So Im waiting as long as possible and then sending them a letter. I know I will be fine, its just hard when no one is on your side.


naomi - December 29

just tell them they may be over the moon you dont no if you dnt tell them if you dont tell your mum or sister sorry to say but you may lose your boyfriend just tell them and tell them your happy your 22 a grown up not a child............


Samantha - December 30

I'm 14 & so is boyfriend. I took 2 home pregnancy tests & they both showed up positive. My bf knows & is here for me but I haven't gone to the doctor yet. My 18 year old brother died the day before Thanksgiving & my parents are still upset over that & My sister in law thinks she is pregnant too. I'm scared to tell mine & my bf's parents because we are scared that they will kick us out or try & make me have an abortion that I don't want. Can anyone help me?


Ricki - December 30

This is a very exciting time, wheter you were ready for it or not. When you tell your mom, act excited, and she will too. If you act upset or scared when you first tell her, you will influence her reaction. Talking about what is going to happen can come a little further down the road. She might be a little taken off gaurd, but the excitiment of being a grandparent will take over. Go for it! The worst thing that can happen is that she will be disappointed, but she'll get over it. Good Luck


tasha - January 3

if your 18 weeks pregnant how many months are you?


Krystal holland - January 13

i am 15 and i am pregnant how do i tell them i am pregnant


Lisa - January 20

I know it's dificult to say something as big as this to your mom and sister but it's better for them to hear this through you than someone else, my mom & dad would always be telling me they wanted me to be a doctor, so for them knowing I was pregnant was hard but what hurt them the most was that I'm only 14, i was barely starting high school, i meet this guy we started going out, and in about two months later we had s_x that same week a lady went to talk about teen pregnancy i thougth it was stupid that they would put someone to tell us not to get pregnant, 2-3 weeks later i found out that i was pregnant my boyfriend is still by my side he can't wait for the baby to be born, you should really get this over with, anyways this was going to happen sooner or later .....


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

You're an adult, you've been an adult for a few years now. You're fully capable of making your own decisions, and if you're family is loving and supporting (like they sound) then they'll support you in any decision you make, and back you up 100%. You can still finish school and be a mother. Good luck with everything. The sooner you tell them the easier things will be.


Jennifer - January 27

Hi, dont worry too much im in the same situation, im 12 weeks gone and the only person that knew at first was my partner who left soon afterwards!! im facing being a single mum at 21 and im terrified of how to tell my mum. my older sister knows, she has a 10month old girl and another on the way we will be about 6 weeks apart, knowing how shockingly well my mum took the news that my sister was having a baby i know she will be supportive of me. i just wish i could have been in a better situation so she would be proud of me.the only way to put ur mind at rest is to tell them and if your parents are anything like mine then the reaction u expect wont be the one u get! they will probably get really excited and buy 2 buggies (a spare for when they stay at grannies!)


Kristie - January 31

Hey! I was so happy to see your question because it showed me I am not alone! i am also 22 and I am 11 weeks pregnant. I havn't told my mom either cause she thinks so highly of me and always wants the best for me. I was supposed to start a nursing degree in college in the fall but I guess that is out of the question now. I have no idea how to tell her this. I just don't want to see her upset and dissapointed in me. If youcome up with any ideas let me know.My email is [email protected]


amber - February 2

well... you are of age to make your own decisions wether your parents like it or not its your life not theres and already you have made a awsome decision by not having an abortion that meens basically you alreday made the decision in your head to keep that baby ! just tell your parents im sure they will be very happy to be grandparents


Sinasia - February 6

You just have to come out and say it. The longer you hold it in the madder they wiil become. Also, because it's hurting your child.


Dee - February 7

i'm 17 and i might be pregnant i should be starting my period tomorrow and i've been throwing up at nite and feeling sick all day i can't really eat ne thing without either wanting to take nap or feeling like i'm about to throw up! my b___st are sore n i don't feel the same if ne one feels like helping me or talking to me then please do my e-mail add is [email protected] thanx for your time for reading this and plz help me!!!


Melissa - February 9

If I'm 22 weeks pregnant how many months I'm I?



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