How To Tell My Family I M Pregnant

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Melissa - February 9

If I'm 22 weeks pregnant how many months I'm I?


Liz - February 21

Im 21, and im 8 weeks pregnant. im too scared to tell my mum, she will kill me as i have only 2 years left of my law degree. my bf loves the idea of our baby, and i want it too. but if i tell mum, i know she will want me to have a termination.. i dont know what i should do


maya - February 21

liz you can't have a abortion. its murder. tell your mom and i'm sure she might be mad but she will get over it and come around. the sooner the better


brandy - February 22

im 21 and just found out that im pregnant. me and my boyfriend plan on telling my parents this weekend. would it be better just to show up or should i call ahead and just say we are coming to visit (i think if i call ahead she will know something is up). whats your opinion?


cheryl - February 26

I just turned 16 in Jan. and i found out i was pregnant last weekend and i just don't know how to tell my older sisters and brothers because i'm the baby in the family i'm just scared about what they're going to say. When schould i tell them?


kim - March 1

i was 22 when i got pregnant with my little girl she is now 20 months and my life i though my famly was going to be upset but they were loving and supportive


Charlotte - March 2

help me please im 14 and im 10 weeks pregnant im 15 in september i went out clubing with a mate and i put on loads of makeup and really ''tarty '' stuff and me and my mate did look about 18 and this bloke i think he was about 2 odd chated me and my mate up and he was intrested in me more then he asked if i was a virgin i wanted to be a grown up so i said no and he said prov it we did use a condom but it split i was a virgin and then a few weeks ago i did a pregnancey test and it was + so i did more i must have done 7 but there all saying im pregnant i went to my doc who said i was 8 weeks at the time she wont tell my family but she said i should the father knows im pregnant and now knows my age hes horrifide but he said he will be there for me and the baby but wont be my boyfreind coz im so younge then a week ago he txt and siad he didnt want to know anymore that he was to younge to be a father i wont abort my baby i couldnt do that i know my family would make me give it up for adoption but i wont i still havent told them if anybody can tell me what to do my email is [email protected] please help me!!!!!


Audrey - March 2

Charlotte- The baby's father can get into a heap of trouble because you're under 16. He can be arrested or forced to pay child support (or both). You have to sit down with him and get a straight answer as to what you both plan to do. Best of luck.


Charlotte - March 3

yes he knows i said but its my falt coz i told him i was 19 and he thought i was telling the truth can sombody really help me please evryday i look at my belly im not eating so i could be killing my baby but i cant tell my parents they will make me abort it or have it adopted and evan tho this baby wasnt planned i want to be a good mum to it evan tho i cant take care of myself if anybody can help me please contact me on [email protected] please i really need help


charlotte - March 7

im really scared now im almost 12 weeks and the doctor said i will be able to know if its a girl or boy im starting to show a little and all my freinds know they could tell by the way my belly was showing and then my freind who went clubing with me put 2 and 2 together then asked me if she could be god mum ''huh'' im so scared i cant kill it now its not so little and i wouldnt be able to give it up for adoption and i think i have gone mad i started talking to my baby last night i felt that i should im thinking about running away to london or UP somwere away from here and my family please help me please!!!


charlotte - March 8

im havin my scan on thursday i feel so alon nobody there to hold my hand or tell me evrything will be ok its just me and my baby now can anybody tell me if i can move out i heard that teenagers who are pregnant can have a concial house i hope this is true coz once i tell my family they will kick me out and if i go into a childrens home they will take my baby away and i couldnt bare that


Scared - March 9

Hi, im almost 23 and i just found out last night that im pregnant, not too sure how far i am yet, but i suspect about 4 weeks. im planning on telling my mom tonight (on my brothers birthday) and i am so scared. the worst part is that my boyfriend isnt really happy about it and he is keep on talking about "plan B" which is probably an abortion. he says that we're not ready for it, but my theary is that if you can play around then you have to suffer the consequences. good luck to all you ladies out there.


needs help - March 10

I'm 19 and been tryin to get pregnant for 3 months now and for some reason i've been thinkin i'm not able to have babies and its really been upsetin me what can i do



charlotte, you should tell your mum or a relative like your aunt maybe? Even a teacher at school. The bottom line is you cannot keep this a secret forever, everybody will find out. Explain to your family how you are feeling. I am sure they will be mad at first but that is natural. I am 24 and I know my folks would be like that even though I am a grown up in a stable relationship. I hope you and your baby will be safe and healthy honey. Just plan how you are going to tell people. If you can show you have taken responsibility for your actions (and tell them you did use protection!) and have a plan for the future, then there is not a lot they can say really. So, sit down and think long and hard about what you want for this baby and for you. Make it clear you understand you need your family's support but you are also willing to do whatever you can to support yourself and your child. Refer to your baby as YOURS not as 'it' or 'the baby'. That is more personal and shows you are thinking of him/her as your own. I hope you will be ok honey, take care and keep us posted. Alternatively you can do what my 22 yr old friend did which was wait until her mother noticed her growing tummy and then broke down but I don't think that's really the most mature way to approach this do you? xxxxx


jessica - March 11

pregnancy is a very hard thing so if you dont tell them other people will find out and they will be more mad that you havent told them rather than the pregnancy so tell them or you will regret it


brandi - March 14

Well if i were u i would tell them right away so they didn't be mad at u for that. Tell them that u didn't want to tell them because u thought they would yell at u and never speak to u again



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