How To Tell My Family I M Pregnant

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brandi - March 14

Well if i were u i would tell them right away so they didn't be mad at u for that. Tell them that u didn't want to tell them because u thought they would yell at u and never speak to u again


Angel - March 15

Hi, i just found out about a week ago that i am pregnant. Im terrified to tell my dad and honestly, dont know how i could break the news to him. My close friend lisa had a baby girl at my age, she's now 19. I dont want my dad to feel as though she was an influence for me to have a child. It wasnt planned, it kind of just happened. She told me if i was to scared to talk to him in person to just write him a letter. I thought about it and honestly think he would find more respect in me to tell him in person. I'm SO scared. ..I really need some advice. =(


ebone - March 21

I'm 17 and I'm pregnant what shell I do


amber - March 22

but what if they kick me out


runda - March 24

i feel the same way i think i might be


Grandpa Viv - March 27

Angel, Ebone, Amber and Runda: You would be surprised how welcoming the older generation is of grandchildren once they get used to the idea. Give them the respect they deserve by sharing your secret. They will respect you for having the courage to tell, and in some measure will feel the fault was theirs. This is a family matter.


Tiffany - April 6

I'm 18 and 4 weeks pregnant nobody knows in my family not even the father.I don't want to lose anyone my family already told me i better not get pregnant until I'm older. I want to tell someone but who. My familt will not get over it and the father of the baby i kide of told him he thought i was Apirl fooling him. I told him yesterday. Who can i tell that wont hate me


jackie - April 7

i know how the young mothers to be feel! i'm gonna turn 20 in just few days and i found out i was pregnant. i only live with my mom and she has been with me through thick and thin. and i haven't told her yet. i'm so scared beacuse the last thing i want to do is to hurt her. all she ever wanted was for me to graduate from college and have a successful career and then start my own family. how can i face her and tell her that i'm pregnant? i told my bf and he's so happy and supportive. and i'm still gonna go to college and graduate, even if it takes me longer than i thought. i love my mother so much and i don't want our mother-daughter relationship to end. i don't want to break her heart. how can i tell her?


Jill - April 9

Charlotte I think your crazy what do you have to offer your child. I think you should look into open adoption. They will help you with money and a place to live and you can still see your baby also you will have some support when you go to the dr. and get to pick the family you want and the terms of the adoption like how often you want to see your child. I think you only want your baby for sellfesh reasons and the first thing you need to know about being a parent is to put your child first.


Misti - April 13

Hello, I am 17 years old. and I am pregnant. My mom is a single parent and she works all the time to support her and I both. I have not talked to my father in almost a year, and my mom and I fight alot. She is always on me about NOT getting pregnant and for the past 2 months was trying to make me get on the pill. I was too ashamed to admit that I was having s_x so I just kept telling her that I didnt need to be on it. Then after my boyfirend I had s_x and he didnt pull out I was so scared and freaked out... luckily I was not pregnant, but that scared me enough to make me want the pill. I went to the free clinic and they said to come in in two weeks for a preg. test before they could put me on the pill. their was a chance that I was pregnant b/c the day before I decided to go, the condom broke. well it turned out that yes I am pregnant and I dont know how to really tell my mom. She gets furrious and angry about everything I do and If I dont Clean EXCACTLY the way she wants me to she will SCREAM her head off at me over the dumbest stuff. well about 2 days ago she started SCREAMMMING at me non stop about my cell phone bill being 10!!!!! $'s over.. and we got into a big fight and when she went to go hit me I said " GO AHEAD AND HIT ME MOM, I'M PREGNANT" ... she just stopped and started screaming again about 10 min. later asking if I really was, and she said that If I was I HAD to move out and live with my dad( whom I havnt talked to in a LONG time, and I do NOT like his new wife at ALL!) ... so that really scared me.. I ended up just saying that I wasnt really pregnant b/c of her reaction to it.. but when I start to get more further along I will HAVE to tellher.. I know everyone is going to say that I'm either too young or that I should tell her now.. ( but no one knows how my mother is!, and I'm really really really scared!) ... Adoption and Abortion is an ABSOLUTE NO for me.. I will refuse.. I'm sorry but I just could not do it!.. My boyfriend is with me 100 % and is supporting me ALOT.. but I'm just really scared... Does anyone have any advice? You can either repost to this or E~mail me ( either one would greatly be appriciated ) Thank you alot! <3 Me


Cynthia - April 21

Hey girl Im 23 pregnant with my 2nd. Im VERY happily married and Very excited about this baby too. My son is going to be a big brother- hes 19 months old. You are a adult! Go out and tell them. Im only about 3 months and i havent told but 2 people my hubby and my son! But i am showing so its going to come out soon. Heres how im going to do it. Im going to have my family over and im going to tell them on mothers day. wrap up a baby outfit or a shirt that says grandma or grandpa- and give it to them. My son is going to wear a shirt that say big brother. Let them know its your choice. Your boyfriend is there GREAT let him be there but dont marry him just because of the baby! Marry him because HE loves you and YOU love him. But go out and tell them. Mothers day is a great day to do it. So she can celebrate that hey im gonna be a grandma and your sister is going to be a auntie. Let them know you are VERY happy about it and cant wait. And YES hun you need there support. But if the bad comes out and they dont want a part- you still have your bofriend and this baby to love you. YOU will get thru it. I want married when i had my son. I got married when he was 9 months old and MY family couldnt be happier. We had a huge wedding!! And it was all worth it. I was scared just like you. Feel free to e-mail me Keep in touch and tell me what happens


mandy - April 27

look my little 15 year old sister just had a kid and she keep it. she is the best mom i have ever seen. i know that if my 15 year old sister can do it a 22 year old woman can do it. it will be hard at first but think how you will fill when you are holdingYOUR baby if you need help write back


kimberly - May 2

im sort of in the same boat but worse. just tell them they can't be to hard on you , you made it through high school. be strong get all them in a room together and tell them trust me they'll forgive you plus they will have a little baby 2 plat with. the sooner the better


Carrie - May 4

I was scared to tell my family also and I was the same age your are now. They were shocked because they didn't expect it from me. I was a tom boy and wasn't really into guys and that whole thing. they looked at me as someone who would never settle down and have kids. I'm now 25 I have a 2yro and they love her to death. They will get over it but, just do what you feel in your heart.


Melissa - May 4

I'm 23 getting ready to turn 24 and 21 wks pregnant.I'm in the same situation with 2 older brothers.My boyfriend too is alittle mad at me because I'm scared to tell my parents and brothers. So I've decided on Mother's Day-I'll take one of my ultra sound pictures and put it in my mom's card. I think she get a laugh out og it and that's the easiest way for me. I'm glad you decided to have your baby because I thought the same thing too and I would have regretted that decision.GOOD LUCK>


worryd - May 12

i'm nine and i think i'm pregnant what should I do



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