How To Tell My Family I M Pregnant

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worryd - May 12

i'm nine and i think i'm pregnant what should I do


Erin21 - May 12

Missy, I understand you are scared, but you are 17 and capable. If you feel that YOU really really want this child, and can provide a good home for him/her, than you should stand firm. If you have to go live with your father, than do so. At this point, you are not the primary person anymore, it is your child. So do what is best for him/her and explain that to your mother. Hopefully, she will atleast appreciate that you are trying to be responsible about the situation. At your age, you should be able to finish high school and still find a decent job, you could even go to college. There are college-based daycares, that will sometimes help with the costs if you qualify for financial aid, and loans can ALWAYS be paid back. What is important, is that you can provide a good life for your baby in the long run. Stay strong hunny, and you'll be just fine.


Erin21 - May 12

MIssy, Charlotte, and Worryd...I failed to mention that I too just found out that I am pregnant, and am 6 months away from finishing college. My finacee and I are very stable, but I'm still worried about telling my parents. I understand how scary it can be, and have aided many of my friends during their pregnancies (one of which was in 8th grade when she first found out). If you need anybody to talk to please feel free to e-mail me, my door is always open...


Carrie - May 15

I am 26 mother of 3 and the fourth on the way. I was 19 and married when I became prego with my son Nicolas (who is my whole world by the way!) I started school two year ago and am taking a year off for maternity leave as I am prego now with my fourth. For the women who are in school and pregnant, STAY IN SCHOOL it is possible as a parent to go to school, it is hard but you can do it. As for the single mom's my husband is of NO USE when it comes to the kids. He doesn't help out at all unless I start screaming and throwing a fit and then he only helps half way. Being in a relationship isn't really an easier. In fact I love when he is out of town because I don't have to clean up after him. As for the young moms I am talking 13 to 16, didn't you take s_x education?? Like the one woman said I was still playing with dolls at 13. If the baby was conceived due to being forced, you need to get help. Not just for your sake but for the other girls that this person might be forcing. And for the ones scared to tell their mom's, as a mom I would be more hurt if my daughter (regardless of age 13 to 40) felt she couldn't come to me with that. I might be disappointed and I might yell but I would love my girls and be supportive. You want them to give you some credit as a mother, give them some first.


Heather - May 19

I am 19 years old and 10 weeks pregnant. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 year. I am really close to his parents. But he was so scared to tell him, then we do or time. I haven't talk about it at all. It like we never ever told them. When do you tell them, they are going to be happy or mad. But over time before the baby comes, everything will be fine. They love it like there own.


The TRUTH - May 19

The truth is that telling people might be hard, but going through an abortion and living through it will haunt you the rest of your life. Tell, tell, tell. Do not even consider abortion!


Jessica - May 23

well I'm kinda in the same place you are cause I'm 16 and pregnant and I don't know how to tell anyone so what you should do is sit your sister down and tell her and don't freak out when she gets upset cause she is goin to but in the end she will be happy for you then you can tell your mom, or if you wann tell your mom first cause you said that your sister acts like your mom but i hope i helped you g2g bye bye good luck love jessica


Rilesha - June 2

Hey! i Love babies! They might be upset wen they hear about it.. but who can stay mad because of a baby? it is so precious! im sure they will be in love with it! the sooner the better. they want ur studies first but u are an adult and everything will work out! keep ur head up!


**zoe** - June 5

hey i wil b 20 in september, im 22 weeks pregnant, been wit my bf 3 yrs, engaged for 1 year, but still havnt told any of my family, i just cant get d words out. all my bf's family know, and all my friends, but i just cant tel my family. what is wrong wit me...its coz wen they hear of a young girl like myself being pregnant they go on about it as if its d worst thing in the world. the way they look at it is enjoy ur life and have kids in your thirties. i really just cannot tel them...even tho d baby was planned and i love it so much already and cant wait to just hold it. i would so love to share my excitment wit my mom and show her all d baby clothes ive bought but im just hiding it all from her .. everytime i think about telling her i just go into panic mode and going quiet. i just cant say look im pregnant, i cant do it over d fone (ive tried) i cant even send a text message telling her, dats how bad i am.


Chasity - August 1

I am 20 years old and just found out that I'm 6 weeks pregnant. U must not put anymore stress on you than nedded or wanted for that matter. I haven't spoke to my parents in 3 weeks and we live 15 minutes from each other. I am going to tell them the news though bec its a part of me and so are they . Don't be afraid what could they possibly do to you, kill u and the baby!! Not at all they're gonna love u and the baby.. SO TELL THAM ALREADY!!! Sincerely 20 year-old mommy


emma - August 2

hello..pleaese help me!!im 15 years old and i aint got a mom and all my life my dad has been sayinf to me if u ever get prego young ill kill myself what do i do??????// do you think he is just saying that 2 scare me??


Lulu - November 5

I wrote my mom a letter and left it on her pillow to find. I was scared to death to tell my mom also. So just write it down and tell her how you feel and how you know she might be disappointed, but you want to keep your baby so does your boyfriend. Don't worry if she is mad at first, she will come around. Good luck.


hopless - November 13

im 15 and im pregnant and i told my boyfriend he wants me get an abortion. I a was going 2 intil i saw the baby and i cant kill something that perious. but i can seem to make him understand how presicous it is. how can i get him to become more involved with the pregnancy and to also expect the fact that hes going to be a father?


sarah - November 13

im pregnant & mum n brother said if i ever fall pregnant they kill me & belive they meant it im 18 & i need help 2 tell them i am but how & me daniel have been engaged 4 ayr & a half


no - November 13

they cant kill u for getting pregnant. u r 18 and an adult. if u r scared then just dont tell them and if u live at home tell them with someone like a cop or social worker


SARAH - December 2




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