How To Tell My Family I M Pregnant

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SARAH - December 2



miss - December 2

i think her mom knows. this post is from june she probably had the baby already or is about to


linzi - December 7

my mum has always told me there is worse things than a baby your bringing a new life into the world im 17 and i think im pregnant and havnt told my parents yet but your better to get it over with they will support you no matter what.


Poonam - December 9

Hi! I understand what ur going through but the stress is not good for you and the baby. Im 23 and 5 weeks pregnant, i'm finding it very hard to tell my parents because my family come from a strict background and high status they always thought of me being wise and understanding, i just need the courage to do it and i will, i think we all have to remember that parents want the best from their children so long as they are happy in life and thats what they want, telling them now would be the best thing to do because we should enjoy our pregnancy for it to also be a healthy one. My younger sisters 21 and happily married and has a boy of 9 months, i've always been very attached to him and it brings me joy and happiness seeing him grow up. I feel a little disappointed in myself having a child and not being married to my boyfriend, but all things happen for a reason and are meant to be, i will tell me parents as soon as i get a chance, if i was to give advice i would say tell ur parents!


ShellBear - March 7

I really don't know how to answer that i am 15 and i am pregnant and neither of my parents know but the best this i can do to help is tell u what my friends mom told me the baby feels what you feel so u need to stop stressing, just like i have stoped stressing i really dont think u wanna hear advice from a 15yr old but i saw ur letter and i felt like replying cause in in the same sittuation except im younger.


preciousellie - August 15

EVERYONE PLEASE!!! age does not matter now that you are pregnant! no matter how bad your relationship with your parents is, they need to know. you will be suprised by the GOOD reaction that they will have. Im about to be 21. i live with my boyfriend (no job for me at the moment) who is supporting me. my parents are VERY strict catholic. GUESS WHAT! they are ok with it now! it takes time to settle in. my bf and i sat them down together and gave them the news, we let them know what we are doing to take care of the baby now and what steps we are taking for when the baby is born. just be positive and have goals for yourself. look online you have so many things available to you medi-cal, clothing, car loans that are harly any cost at all, babdy food, shelters and pregnancy homes for women. This is only bad if you make it so :) i have very little, but im finding and using all support i can from the government to womens clinics.


kaityxbabe - September 26

how do i tell my parents?


babygirl181 - December 31

hey my name is sara and im 14. To tell you the truth its really sad that i have to be making a comment on here right now, i decided to loose my virginity today and we didnt use any protection! I have to wait awhile before i take a test but im scared. and the other thing is he didnt pull out before he c_mmed what do i do!? im only 14!!


Grandpa Viv - January 1

Sara, if you have a regular cycle and your period is due within a week, the chance of pregnancy is slight. If your period is two weeks away, you should consider getting PlanB "morning after" contraception - a pill available at most pharmacies for anyone 18 (maybe 17) or older. This pill has to be taken within 72 hours of the incident, and costs about $30. Under the circ_mstances, 'fessing up to your mom may be the best option - easier to confront than an actual pregnancy. Come back and talk some more. GL!


llb0236 - June 18

I am in the same boat- I am 26..Just found out I am a few weeks pregnant. My ex boyfriend wants me to get an abortion, each day I feel like I cannot get an abortion- Nicole let me know how it went & how you are parents have never met my now ex boyfriend due to the fact that he is black.


Grandpa Viv - June 18

Lib, I have a mixed race granddaughter, and I am proud to have her in the family. If you are finacially and emotionally prepared to be a single mom, take the course your heart is telling you. Keep the door open to the ex - he may one day enjoy being part of this child's life. GL!


lorighiatabowser - June 25

Read the book - PREGNANT AT 16 - by Lori Ghiata Bowser. It is intended to restore hope to unwed mothers everywhere - whatever their ages. It is also intended to open eyes, enlighten minds, and enlarge hearts regarding unwed mothers everywhere - whatever their ages. Its available at online bookstores.


foxie - July 29

im 22 and pregnant, my mum has always said she would make me or my sister get rid if we got pregnant, im 20weeks now and still scared to tell her, i only found out i was pregnant the other day, i was feeling dizzy and went to the docs to find this out. I havnt told my boyfriend yet because i really wanna tell my mum 1st but im scared to tell her because the family have been fighting and my sister has a strong view on rasing a child wen your not married, and my mum always sides with her. any advice? i dont know who else i can tlk to about this


Jenasaysx97 - January 17

Hey let me tell you a bit about myself im 17 turning 18 in march I have been with my boyfriend for a year and four months and im pregnant I always get the sudden urge to tell my mom but she is like 100% on the bible and against s_x and my boyfriends mom is a jahovas witness so I really dont no what to do im also a softball player and tryouts are next month I gatta tell soon I cant be pregnant amd tryin out for softball please someone give me good advice. I also took three pregnancy test all possitive so its a for sure thing help!!!


Grandpa Viv - January 18

I suppose you could tell coach you have decided not to try out after all. You could also call your local Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-PLAN and see what suggestions they have. Seems like you should give in to the urge to tell your mom. She will probably be more understanding than you think. Open the Bible to Genesis 1:28 in justification. GL!


JC3 - February 13

My husband & I would love to adopt another child...We have been blessed with an adopted son who is about to turn 1 and I am sure he would love a brother/sister(s). I am a stay at home mother, we live in VA, we are Caucasian (if that matters)...I am 28 & my husband 32. We have a wonderful family life & plenty of room to expand our family more. If anyone is choosing adoption for their child & would be interested in us as the adoptive parents, we would be more than thrilled tp hear from you. You can email us at jadecoleman42 at yahoo . com



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