Hurt And Confused

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mel - March 26

since i got pregnant, my fiance has been incredibly distant. we went weeks without speaking, because he said that he felt trapped, then things got better again. now it just seems like his priorities include everything but me and his baby. i am 15 weeks pregnant, and this baby is a miracle for us. after recently miscarrying, we tried and tried and now we are pregnant again. he was so happy when we found out, but now he seems to want nothing to do with us. i cry everyday, and try to give him the space that he needs, but im getting sick of it. i need love and support, and the man that i am supposed to be spending the rest of my life with isnt around to give me the love that i need. what do i do?


Re:Mel - March 26

I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I think you should talk to him and tell him how emotional you are right now and that you need lots of support during this time in your life. Pregnancy is a hard thing to go through for any woman but not having the support you need makes it even harder. I wish you the best. If you want to talk you can email me [email protected]


Mel - March 31

thank you...i just feel like im in this pregnancy alone, and its an extremely scary feeling. i am also quite emotional, and question everything. now all i can imagine is that while he is distant towards me, he is growing closer to another woman...


Kay - April 2

Hi Mel, I hope things get better. Have you told him how you are feeling? best wishes always. momkaykay


Mel - April 2

hi again...i told him how i was feeling, and that was that. we broke up last night. the man that i thought i was going to spend the rest of my life with, and raise this, already, hes like a memory. i am devestated, and so confused. why would he do this to me? he was my life, the man i was supposed to marry, the father of my, i feel so lost. my parents are 100% supportive, so for that, i am extremely lucky...but it is really nice to have someone else to talk to...thanks momkaykay...i really appreciate it.


Melissa - May 5

Momkaykay, just wanted to update fiance and i have worked things out, and they seem to be going better than ever...ALSO, today we found out we are having a boy!!...hope that all is well, and thank you again for your kind words in a hard time!...there should be more people like you in the world.


Lillian - May 6

This is what some men do. Once you have to baby and slim down he'll come back around. He sounds like a cheater. The cheating ones have a tendency to stray when the mother is pregnant. Take it from someone who knows A LOT of people. I'm 61 years old and have 5 grandchildren.



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